Adam Storke's Lowkey Life - Has A Wife?

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Adam Storke's Lowkey Life - Has A Wife?

The evergreen American actor Adam Storke truly is one of the actors who does not seem to have aged a bit and still looks the same, refreshed and young as they did during their prime. 

Well, we don't mean to say he is not in his prime, he is, very much so still, but he has appeared in fewer projects over the years. 

His choice to stray away from the Hollywood glitz and glam has only made people curious regarding his personal life. In addition, many seem to want to know more about his wife and his family life. 

And we are here to provide you with some juicy details that you will surely like. 

Who is Adam Storke's Wife?

Okay, we will come to his wife later, but for starters, just to let you know, he was a heartthrob back in the 80s. 

For many of us, he still is (emphasis on us). 

Storke is famously known for his role in the film 'Mystic Pizza' where he played the love interest of supremely talented and famous actress Julia Roberts

Lucky her and lucky him!

Adam Storke with Julia Roberts

Adam Storke with Julia Roberts (Source Glamourpath)

He was active in the industry until the 2000s, but later on, he started appearing in fewer and fewer projects, and he hasn't been in the industry since his last film, 'Broadway's Finest,' which was released in 2012. 

For everyone who remembers him, remember him through his charmingly handsome face and, not to forget, his acting. And now, years later, he still piques people's curiosity, primarily regarding his married life. 

People seem to want to know all about his wife and married life, and we would love to update you on that matter if he had any. 

Yep! Any and every information regarding him is pretty scarce, but he doesn't seem to have a wife or even married by the looks of it. 

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And in case he has a wife, he sure as well has done a prolific job keeping it a secret because his unavailability in social media and a long-time hiatus from the industry have made it difficult to trace his personal life. 

But as we promised you some "juicy details," we won't let you leave empty-handed. 

It has been reported that he dated actress Natasha Gregson Wagner as they have been spotted and clicked together during events. 

So there could have been a high possibility that the two were together, but Natasha, the 'Another Day in Paradise' actress, is wife to her second husband, Barry Watson, married since 2014. 

With or without a wife, the 59-year-old actor seems to be living his life in peace.

Adam Storke's Personal Details & Net Worth 

He was born to his mother, Angela Thornton, and his father, William Storke, on August 18, 1962. 

Sadly, both of his parents have passed away—his mother was also an actress, passed away in 2010. 

As per an article in The New York Times, the portal honored her legacy by praising her strong work ethic and "no-nonsense get on with it" attitude and called it an inspiration for all. 

His mother was known for her role in 'Sex Degrees of Separation.'

Storke's father, William, was a sought-after producer who died due to cancer earlier in 1996. There is one other family member in his life: his sister, Victoria Mattarelli. 

While it is unknown what caused the actor to become distant from the industry, it seems like a personal choice. 

Based on the number of projects Adam Storke has done and the earnings his movie has had, it probably won't be an overstatement to estimate his net worth around the six-figure range.