Albert Brooks- from His Resounding Life with Wife to His Staggering Net Worth

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Albert Brooks- from His Resounding Life with Wife to His Staggering Net Worth

'Defending Your Life' star Albert Brooks, an Oscar nominee, has mesmerized his audience in Hollywood with his astounding skills. Apart from acting, his involvement in comedy and filmmaking always grasps his viewers' attention.

Having left an unforgettable impression on his admirers with his on-screen love stories, he has many people curious about his real-life romance, questioning who his wife is. 

Albert Brooks' Wife

Like the one in the movies, Albert had held his wedding grand yet beautiful in 1997. The couple shone on their wedding with their elegance and love.

They exchanged vows in the wedding witnessed by several notable personalities from Hollywood as the guests. 

Their wedding marked thousands of memories alongside. This special day of his was celebrated alongside all the precious members of his family, including his three brothers, Bob, Charles, and Cliff Einstein. 

Sadly, out of the three brothers, he recently lost one of his immensely talented brothers, Bob Einstein. Expressing his grief, he took it on Twitter and wrote,

R.I.P. My dear brother Bob Einstein. A great brother, father, and husband. A brilliantly funny man. You will be missed forever.

Despite dealing with such a saddening incident, Albert hasn't faded off his beautiful smile.

On the contrary, he hasn't stopped celebrating love and life alongside his stunning wife. The husband and wife together have built a lovely family.

A family of two has turned into four as they welcomed two adorable kids into their lives; a son, Jacob Eli Einstein, and a daughter, Claire Elizabeth Einstein. 

Albert Brooks alongside his wife and children

Albert Brooks alongside his wife and children (Image Source: New York Post)

Albert also shares an adorable moment he once had with his son, Jacob, when he was young and naive.

At the age of four, his son ran out of the theater during the screening of Nemo after he heard Marlin's dad, a character from Nemo, yell at his son, saying, "You're in big trouble, young man."

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Albert still laughs off at the reminiscence his adorable son left some time ago. However, sharing adorable Jacob and Claire with Kimberly, the spark of love has ignited even more between the couple.

To this date, the couple hasn't loosened up their bond. Both of them are immensely talented in their field of work.

Albert has garnered immense success in the entertainment industry, whereas his wife is a popular face in the artistic area.

Kimberly is a well-recognized artist. Her artworks have been exhibited several times internationally.

In addition, her books like The New Oil Painting have been recognized as one of her most famous works. But, on the other hand, Albert always praises his partner's published artworks and books.

On one of his Twitter posts, he proudly wrote, "My better half has a new book out today that finally shows people who love to paint how to do it safely and creatively. If you've ever thought about painting, it's a  MUST. So proud."

Albert takes away the crown for the best husband to exist.

But, just like he makes sure to mark prominence on his wife's accomplishments, he also ensures to shower her with surprises when it comes to a special day like their wedding anniversary. 

These little gestures of his have maintained spark his relationship. Albert has had several past relationships, but things have changed tremendously since he met his wife.

With a family so beautiful, he also garners a hefty net worth alongside.

Albert Brooks' Net Worth

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Albert Brooks has an electrifying net worth of over thirty million dollars. So the Oscar nominee is indeed showered with the amount he deserves.

Albert intensifies his net worth with movies like 'Drive,' 'Finding Dory,' 'Terms of Endearment,' and many more, which have set a pretty good record in the box office.

In addition, his contributions in voice acting in many popular animated movies have contributed to his hefty fortune.

Alongside his family, he garners an electrifying net worth of millions and has prospered professionally and personally.

Indeed, he has left a significant mark among many young aspirants being a role model to many.