An Insight into Life of Ali Dawah

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An Insight into Life of Ali Dawah

Being an inspiration to the youths of the 21st century, Ali Dawah has become a role model for many. 

He has spread out awareness about the Islamic religion through his YouTube channel. However, how much about him do the fans know? 

Here is all you need to know about your favorite inspiration, including his wife and family. 

Who Is Ali Dawah’s Wife?

Ali Dawah has been married to his wife since 2016. He even announced his wedding on Instagram. 

However, he didn’t reveal her face or name. He is secretive about his spouse and family despite having such fame. 

Ali Dawah's wife

Ali Dawah With His Wife (Source: Instagram)

He also shares a daughter with his wife and is raising her away from the limelight.

Although recently, he revealed being a father on a podcast. He hasn’t said much about her. 

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Ali with his partner is certainly raising her spontaneously away from the spotlight. She is now almost 12 years old and is living her childhood safely with her parents. 

Since she is already around 12 years old, Ali and his wife had her before marriage. The details are under the covers, and Ali prefers to keep it private. 

Although one time, in 2020, Ali made a statement about his daughter that angered many people. They even protested against him online. So, what exactly happened? 

Ali Dawah Talked about His Daughter

Once, in a Speaker’s Corner, Ali Dawah said that he would marry off his 9-year-old daughter to an older man if she were sexually mature. 

His statement angered many people, and they protested against him for his opinion. No one was happy about what he said, except some who followed him deeply.

What he actually said was, 

If my daughter reached the age of menstruation at 9 years old, I would say, ‘You are ready to get married.’

The statement he made was very strong and offended many people worldwide. As a result, people raised voices against him, becoming disfavored overnight. 

However, in order to make people understand what he actually meant, he uploaded a video with a religious explanation. 

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Some are in favor of him, while some are still against his statement. 

Nevertheless, he remains an idol to many Muslim youths and continues to inspire them with his videos. 

Moreover, people have wanted to know some more facts about him. Ali himself once posted on Instagram 15 points about him, and here are some details to keep you updated.

More on Ali Dawah

You guys might be shocked, but Ali is not his real name. His actual name is Erdi Dawah. His ethnicity is not only Turkish but Kurdish too. 

He mentioned that he is more Kurdish than Turkish in an Instagram post. Although he likes to keep his life private, he sometimes shares some interesting things about himself. 

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The popular YouTuber was born in 1989 in Turkey. He celebrates his birthday on the 6th of April. Moreover, his age as of 2022 is 33 years. 

In his early thirties, Ali has earned a lot of fame and is getting more popular day by day. Also, he is a family man raising his adorable daughter with his beloved wife.