Alice Walker's Fight for Love Against Racism

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Alice Walker's Fight for Love Against Racism

Alice Walker, what a marvelous woman she is. How does one even describe someone who has achieved such a great feat on her own? 

A novelist, story writer, poet, social activist, and conspiracy theorist, Alice Walker has achieved all and beyond through the course of her career. 

Just to add, she is also the first African-American Pulitzer Price winner for fiction. Alice has broken the boundaries set by the world time and again, and she has continued to do so. 

And when it came to her love, her former husband, she did not back out from fighting all of the odds. 

Yes, this story of a proud and strong woman is truly one to read as she is someone who deserves immense praise and respect through and through for all she has done for people around her.

Alice Walker and Her Former Husband's Fight for Love 

Things seem quite different now. People celebrate love in whatever form it comes. The situation is not entirely perfect, but it is slightly better than what it was during Alice's and her first husband's time early on. 

Alice got married in 1967 to her previous husband, Melvyn R. Leventhal. 

Alice and her then-spouse were the first interracial couple to be legally married in Mississippi.

When racism and discrimination were at their peak, Alice and her spouse took the stand to fight for their love and became the first interracial couple to get married in the state. 

While it is such a heartwarming story to hear, the hurdles that she and her former husband had to bear are a pain of their own that we can only imagine. Unfortunately, the society above it all was their biggest enemy.

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Later, the two moved to Mississippi when their interracial marriage was illegal.

Even there, the same cruelty followed them. The novelist and her partner were threatened and harassed by the people. 

Alice had already started building her image as a notable and reputed writer as her first story, The Best Short Stories by Negro Writers, was published in 1967. 

Living with her previous husband, she started raising their daughter Rebecca who was born in 1969. 

Time was hard, but she was strong; she never gave up fighting for something she felt was right, and it was right. 

Alice never felt threatened and continued her life with her former husband and daughter until 1976, when the two separated. 

Now, her daughter Rebecca has taken up the legacy that her wonderful mother started. 

Alice Walker and Her Daughter, Rebecca

Alice Walker and Her Daughter, Rebecca (Source DailyNation Today)

Rebecca Walker is a writer, feminist, and activist. Like mother like daughter, truly. 

Alice's daughter has taken all her mother's qualities and adopted them into her character and morals. 

Both the mother-daughter duo have inspired millions and continue their quest to fight for basic human rights and voice their opinions about injustice with their writing. 

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Her daughter changed her last name to Walker (her maiden name) after her parent's divorce.

Given her contribution to her field of work, Rebecca was named one of the 50 future leaders of America by Time Magazine.