Ana Gabriel's Response To Being Asked If She Is Gay Is One To Not Miss

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Ana Gabriel who donnes a hefty net worth under her name has successfully dodged gay questions to date & her recent witty answer is one not to miss.
Ana Gabriel's Response To Being Asked If She Is Gay Is One To Not Miss

"Well, you haven't seen me with a woman either, and you know why? Because I have many, and I am a very faithful person, so I have to be faithful to all of them." A witty reply indeed by the Mexican singer Ana Gabriel when she was asked a question that she had been repeatedly asked throughout the course of her career. 

Is Ana Gabriel Gay?

A similar question was asked to the Latin pop artist after her concert in the 2015-16 tour named "Por ti, Para Siempre." During the press meet, Gabriel was asked a question that she had always been asked, 

"Are you gay?"

Ana's reply after the question was evident of her seemingly annoyed reaction to the question. She replied, 

“Why do you ask me the same question all the time?” 

And further addressed that she had been with "many" people and was faithful to all of them. While she still did not give a clear-cut answer, Gabriel is tired of giving any opinion on the question by the looks of it. 

The 65-year old, however, is not alone and lives quite a fulfilling life. She adopted a beautiful daughter named Diana Cazarez, who started her own happy chapter 2 years ago. 

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Her daughter got married, and Gabriel left no stones unturned to make her daughter's marriage no less than a fairy tale dream wedding. 

Her daughter was married at the age of 29 to Miguel Coronel. She donned a sleek heart-shaped top gown in which she looked just like a princess. 

Ana Gabriel And Her Daughter On Her Wedding Day

Ana Gabriel And Her Daughter On Her Wedding Day (Source Instagram)

Ana might not have been open about her relationships. However, several online platforms have reported her relationship in the past. 

For example, she was rumored to date a very famous Mexican footballer, Hugo Sanchez, and was also reported to date another singer named Veronica Castro. Gabriel also dedicated her song, "Simpy friends", to Castro, which shocked many as many had thought that a man was an inspiration behind her song. 

However, all news of her being in a "relationship" are just deemed rumors as there are no confirmations for it. 

Having not been married, Gabriel, age 45, might be lesbian or straight, but the matter of fact is none of that has really mattered as she has been able to thrive off her success in both her personal and professional life. 

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What Is Ana Gabriel's Net Worth? 

Born in 1955, Gabriel released her first album, Tierra de Nadie, in 1988, when she was 33 years old. Along with her studio albums, she has released 21 albums to date. 

Her albums have reached number one on the Billboard Hot Latin Pop Albums and seven singles on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs. 

Garnering many awards and accolades throughout her career, her most prominent award was in 2006 when she received the Excellence Award at the Lo Nuestro Awards. 

Throughout her career, Gabriel has accumulated many such awards and has likewise been nominated for many awards. 

Grew up in Mexico, she was born to very supportive parents. She is also known, "La Diva de America" and sang her first song on the stage when she was six years old. 

Ana Gabriel With Her Mother

Ana Gabriel With Her Mother (Source Instagram)

Sadly her mother died in 2016. Remembering her undying presence, Gabriel made a heartwarming post ending it with, 

"I love you and I will love you until the last day of my life."

Now, 65-year-old Ana Gabriel has accumulated a multi-million dollar net worth of $10 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.