Who Are Angie Harmon's Parents?

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Who Are Angie Harmon's Parents?

Angie Harmon of  'Agent Cody Banks' is one of those women who has had a strong impact in Hollywood with her numerous accomplishments. Her aspirations to become an actress and a model were vivid to her parents, who later held her hands and helped her become who she is today. 

Moreover, both Harmon's mother and father were from completely different backgrounds, but their support of approaching her to this industry was immaculate. 

This elegant lady has written multiple stories which were read and acknowledged by many of her admirers. Her life speaks a lot about struggle, hard work, and balance. 

Whether it be about modeling or acting, her performance in each always seems effortless yet the best. 

Angie Harmon's Parents

Be it in any field, the support made by the parents is mandatory for their children to accomplish something with confidence and grace. The hand of assurance is required specifically when a child is perplexed in their decision. 

In the case of Angie Harmon, her mother and father have always stuck by her side, assuring her that whatever she is doing is perfectly fine.

Harmon's father worked as a hospital information network executive back in Texas. Moreover, nothing much about her mother's career has come to light. 

Also, not much regarding her birth mother or stepmother is known. Her parents are usually named "Angie Harmon's parents." What else could make them proud other than being called by their child's name right?

Harmon's dad and step-mom both make sure to be present in all her functions, performances, or award shows. The family has its essence that glorifies each time they get together. 

In addition, she has two siblings named Kelly Harmon and Kristin Nelson. However, many of her fans predict that Mark Harmon is her brother. This confusion arose because they shared the same last name and their adorable little smile were just the same. However, Angie has denied this rumor. 

Moreover, Angie's ethnicity defines as a mixture of German, Irish, Dutch, Scottish, and Welsh.

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Angie Harmon's Divorce & Life After

Harmon was once married to Jason Sehorn, a former American football cornerback.

She has three beautiful children named Emery Hope Sehorn, Avery Grace Sehorn, and Finley Faith Sehorn. The couple seemed beautifully interactive in most of the shows together.

They looked elegant on every occasion while walking across the red carpet, holding their hands. The couple's relationship started in the year 2001. However, due to some unknown consequences, they parted ways after 15 years of marriage in 2016. 

Angie Harmon with her parents and ex-husband, Jason Sehorn

Angie Harmon with her parents and ex-husband, Jason Sehorn (Image Source: Zimbio)

The story they left incomplete has never been properly opened up. After the divorce, none uttered a word about their relationship.

Recently, in 2019, Angie got engaged to Greg Vaughan. The couple looked amazing together as well. Also, Vaughan had three sons named Landan Reid, Cavan Thomas, and Jathan James.

However, the relationship did not last long, and they split their ways. 

Today, Angie Harmon is single, happy, successful, and surrounded by immense love from her family and fans.

Her flourishment has not taken a pause, her net worth game is hitting straight millions, and her accomplishments are on their way to set milestones. She lives a joyous life with her kids and does not think of anything anymore. She says,

"My children are my life. It's not like I don't have my dreams anymore, it's just that my kids always come first"

Harmon is a woman with grace, elegance, confidence, and power. These are the only essentials she needs in her life to grow, and she indeed is growing and glowing alongside.