Arlette Saenz's Low-Key Love Life

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Arlette Saenz's fans often question her heritage & birthday but a particular 'gram post from years ago has her fan's questioning 'Is Arlette Saenz married?'
Arlette Saenz's Low-Key Love Life

If you follow the CNN correspondent Arlette Saenz on her socials, you probably know how notoriously private she is when it comes to her love life.

But one of her Instagram posts still has her followers intrigued to learn if the mysterious man she was sharing a kiss with, as seen in her post, is actually her partner.

Is Arlette Saenz Married?

"First Kiss!"

Arlette wrote on her Instagram post of June 30, 2014. Further, she paired her caption with a picture of her with a mysterious man sharing a heart-melting kiss.

Arlette Saenz's Instagram post of sharing a kiss with a mysterious man

Arlette Saenz's Instagram post of sharing a kiss with a mysterious man (Source: Instagram)

Well, to her followers, who barely ever got the sneak peek of her love life, her post was enough to raise several questions about her romantic relationship.

However, apart from mentioning a now-deactivated Instagram account in the caption section, she did not give any details on who the man was.

It remains unclear if her 'first kiss' turned into a committed relationship, but likely, Arlette is yet to get married based on her social media presence.

Also, if she had found the right one to settle with by now, she would have probably flaunted her partner proudly.

Despite the fact that she prefers keeping her love life to herself, the journalist does not hesitate to treasure her beautiful moments with friends and family on her social media.

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Arlette's Short Wiki

As seen in her 'gram feed, Arlette shares a very close bond with her parents. In one of her posts of 2018, Arlette, who is probably at the age of 29 after her birthday on April 22, shared a picture with her father, Gilbert L Saenz, when she was just a toddler.

Likewise, she also wished her dad on father's day by uploading a vintage photo of him when he was young.

Besides her father, she also shared a glimpse of her mother's photograph from when Arlette's sister, Alex Saenz, was just born.

In the adorable monochrome picture, the little Arlette, who carries Irish heritage, was seen looking at her infant sister with awe, while the mother looked at the kids interacting with each other.

Monochrome picture of Arlette, her mother, and her little sister

Monochrome picture of Arlette, her mother, and her little sister (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, her little sister also makes timely appearances on Arlette's social handle. From celebrating sibling's day to spending casual time together, the CNN journalist has several of her sister's memories uploaded in her socials.

Apparently, her family life seems fulfilling but so is her excelling professional life.

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Her Journey to CNN

Talking about her professional journey, the University of Notre Dame graduate started out as an intern at ABC News Nightime in 2005.

After a few more internships, Arlette joined ABC News in 2007 as a senior desk assistant. Three years later, she began serving the network as a digital journalist.

Eventually, she was promoted to White House reporter in 2015 at ABC News. She was part of the significant coverage regarding the Obama and Trump administrations, national politics, and Capitol Hill.

Garnering several years of expertise as a notable journalist, she later joined CNN in 2018, where she has been serving as a correspondent for the White House to this date.

With a well-established career, Arlette supposedly has an annual salary of over 90 thousand as per the average salary report by Glassdoor. However, based on the level of accomplishments she has had to this date, it's no wonder she is yet to achieve more.