Chanel Miller Moving Forward In Life After Devastating Experience

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Chanel Miller's Has Come Out of The Horrific Incident Through Her Parents Support However She Recalls How Her Sister Blamed Herself For It.
Chanel Miller Moving Forward In Life After Devastating Experience

We often cover the news and lives of either famous media personalities or sports personalities. But this particular article is about a heroic figure that had to sadly power through tough times in their life but has now arisen like a phoenix of their own. 

Chanel Miller is a heroic figure who endured a horrific incident even to this day. But through the help of her angel-like parents, she has overcome some part of it now. 

What Happened With Chanel Miller? 

The date was 17th January 2015, when Miller's life was hit with an uncalled turn. 22-year-old Miller of that time was on her way to a fraternity party to join her sister which was nearby her home. 

But little did she know, the night she thought would have ended in fun, games, and more was the night that would land her in a hospital bed. 

A guy named Brock Turner, age 19, sexually assaulted 22-year-old Chanel that night which led her to lay "unconscious on the pine-needle-strewn ground behind some bins," as reported by Elle. 

'I tried to be nice to [to myself] for once because I understood that something grave had happened that I didn't have words for yet.'

These were the words that went through Miller's mind when she found herself in the hospital bed being checked on by the nurses. 

Turner was stopped by two guys who were students at Stanford University. 

Miller With The Men Who Stopped Her Assult

The comfort provided by the nurses was just a matter of a few seconds compared to the timeless pain she had to endure through it all. The times of the trial were the toughest. She had to relive it all again, which only exaggerated the sense of hiding her body away and not eating well. 

Know My Name, the memoir that Miller put out, talked about it all. The rough days to the happiest days, from days where she felt empowered to days where she felt nothing at all. 

The void now seems to have slowly tucked away in memories. However, the incident faced by Miller accounts for a lifetime of struggle that cannot be brought back. 

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Lifeless people like Turner, no soul, no empathy, and no purpose in life are what tend to move people's spirits down low. He was pleaded guilty but sadly served half of his sex assault sentence.  

Miller has voiced to thousands like her, and calling them a victim of the incident would rather be a mere injustice. 

She and all the others are heroes. Now, at age 29, Miller is on a journey to accept her body and accept who she is. Talking about her process of healing, she said, 

 ‘My way of healing is going to be getting physically stronger and being proud to be sexy. You know? I think it is a wonderful thing to be sexy.’

While she found her own strength to power through the incident that happened seven years ago, it is equally unimaginable what her parents went through. However, their support and resilience have what kept Miller going. 

Strength Through Parents

Chanel was born to her father, Chris Miller who is a retired therapist, and her mother May Miller, a Chinese immigrant who is also an author. Alongside her parents, Miller grew up alongside her sister Tiffany. 

Through all the challenges, she recalls how her mum and her dad consoled her after she broke the news to them. 

‘I lost the ability to stand and my mum leapt up from her chair and was just gripping me and gently stroking my hair and patting my back.'

Expresses Miller on how her mother's touch and physical information helped her heal. She also shared how her mother would get her bowls of noodles and leave them outside the door when she went by days without eating. 

Chanel Miller Talking About The Experience in CBS Mornings 

While the elders of Miller's household, deep pain inside them, helped Chanel power through the tragedy, the youngest of the house, Tiffany, had a rough time going through it all. Talking about how her sister took the blame, Chanel said, 

“I can see her beating herself up and internally crumbling, taking on all of this blame and all of this pain that I was feeling,” 

Life now seems to be somewhat lighter for Miller as she still carries the heavy past of hers with herself every day. However, like a phoenix, she has only taken higher flights in life.

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She was also listed as an influential person in Time's 2019 100 Next lists, and in 2016, she also received the title of Woman of the Year by Glamour. 

She is now also a motivational speaker who actively tries to be the voice of the millions and is on a journey to empower billions.