Chelsea Peretti Eloped And the Only Witness Was Her Dog

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Chelsea Peretti, who holds a multi-million dollar net worth, has her fans intrigued to learn about her eloping story with her husband so how did it all come to place?
Chelsea Peretti Eloped And the Only Witness Was Her Dog
"Eloped a bit ago, our only witness was this lil guy,

" comedian Chelsea Peretti wrote on her Instagram, declaring her marriage with her husband, Jordan Peele, and witnessing her wedding was her 'lil' dog.

Responding to her wedding announcement, several of her 'gram followers positively reacted to her decision to elope, sending out congratulatory messages to the couple.

The uncommon fashion of the pair's wedding, especially in the entertainment industry, had the public curious to know more about their marriage. 

Chelsea Peretti And Her Husband

Chelsea and her husband, Jordan, who had been dating since 2013, announced their wedding on April 26, 2016, after their engagement in November 2015.

While Jordan revealed the big news on appearing in an episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, Chelsea took to her 'gram the same day to tell the world she was a married woman.

But unlike any other fancy celebrity wedding, the couple, however, kept a low profile. Although they kept their wedding pictures from the public, they did tease their fans with a bride-groom appearance on an ad for a destination wedding booking website.

Well, their fans had no other option than to settle for the wedding ceremony set up, as seen in the ad.

To those unaware of the pair's low-key love life, Chelsea shared with Entertainment Weekly that she first met her husband on Twitter. Their interaction began with Jordan complimenting the web series she made in the past.

The sweet interaction led them to elope one day and expand their family with a child. A year into their marriage Chelsea and her beau welcomed their son, Beaumont, on July 1, 2017.

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Just as their unreachable love life, the couple has kept their son away from the limelight. However, the proud mother did share her journey through her pregnancy with her social media followers, uploading a few of her pictures that displayed her baby bumps.

The notoriously private couple's attempt to keep their son's identity hidden has remained successful as there is no picture of their baby boy in the media. But, the doting father once mentioned his experience through fatherhood, saying,

He's over 7 months now. Every day is a joy. You just get a little bit more of the person. You meet a little bit more of the person. Seeing that smile or recognition is everything.

Although it might take some time before the fans get a glimpse of their son, for now, the couple's prolific careers are another aspect to get their fans hooked.

Delve into Chelsea's Staggering Net Worth

While the American actress is living her best life with her fulfilling family, her success in the entertainment industry is icing on the cake.

Given her excelling profession, CelebrityNetWorth reports Chelsea's net worth to be 20 million dollars as of 2021. And the convertible Audi she owns, which she once posted on her Instagram, is evidence of her hefty fortune.

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She is a well-established writer and an acclaimed actress if you wonder how she accumulated multi-million dollars net worth.

She wrote for the magazines such as Detailed, Playgirl, American Theatre Magazine, The Huffington Post, while her most recognized screen appearance includes Brooklyn Nine-Nine, where she portrayed Gina Linett.

Having been actively appearing on screen since 2004, she has done numerous television series and films, and judging her well-established career, the actress is sure to add to her existing net worth with more of her impressive work in the entertainment industry.