Insight on Chingy's Love Life and Parenthood

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Insight on Chingy's Love Life and Parenthood

While American hip hop recording artist Chingy is living his dream with records earning him a massive net worth, his seemingly fulfilling love life with rumored wife adds another bliss to his life.

The artist has been very transparent about his romance from the start, not missing any chance to flaunt his affection for his long-time girlfriend, Asha Perez, on his social handles. Their undeniable chemistry has many of their fans think of them as husband and wife. But, what is their plan of getting their relationship a notch further?

Is Asha Chingy’s To-Be Wife?

Well, the question is yet to be answered by the pair. But currently, the recording artist and his girlfriend are riding the tide of parenthood as parents to their daughter, Galaxii, born in 2019.

Chingy and his alleged wife, Asha Perez

Chingy and his alleged wife, Asha Perez (Source: Instagram)

Since the birth of Galaxii, the couple’s feed has been flooded with the post dedicated to their daughter, who is undoubtedly a show-stealer.

Asha's girlfriend and rumored wife frequently takes to her Instagram to share Galaxii’s adorable moments along with the father-daughter bond. For instance, wishing the rapper on his birthday, she shared a candid picture of her beau bonding with their daughter and wrote,

The way she looks up to you is immeasurable. Happy birthday!!

Chingy and his daughter

Asha and his daughter (Source: Instagram)

On that note, one of the well-wishers admired the rumored wife writing on the comment section,

Thanks for the meaningful and positive experiences that you impart to her every day. We love and appreciate you.

No wonder both Chingy and Asha are doing their best to raise their little girl right, and it shows through their heart-warming social media posts. But, while the pair’s parental journey is just taking off smoothly, it remains for us to see when they plan to give another name to their romantic relationship.

Although parenthood is a new thing to Asha, Asha, on the other hand, already had kids from his previous relationship.

The record producer is a father to his son Alzea Bailey from his previous wife, Adrienne Anderson. He also shares a son, Mykael Bailey, from another relationship.

As the People magazine reported, Chingy was only at the age of seventeen when he became a father to his firstborn. However, having experienced the taste of fatherhood before, parenting his youngest daughter might not be as hard.

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Gay Rumor

In the past, the rapper was subjected to the rumor of being in a relationship with transgender model Sidney Starr.

Even since the rumor started, people were quick to speculate about his sexuality as gay. But clarifying the speculation that surrounded him for several years, the rapper said,

It goes to show you how many people wanted it to be true. That’s what it goes to show you. It goes to show you that that person who nobody knew had that much power to come out and say one negative thing about me and a whole mass of people just instantly took to it.

With his statement, he cleared the air about the rumor saying it was false. Later, model Sidney came forth, apologizing for falsely spreading their relationship rumor. She said,

I wanna give a huge apology to Chingy. I’m very, very sorry Chingy for anything that I caused to throw dirt on your name.

The apology was enough to settle the rumor for good.

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Asha's Net Worth

Besides the occasional rumors and spotlight on his personal life, the rapper’s earning from his profession is another eye grabber.

Been in the industry actively since 1997, Asha, age 41, has been able to establish his name amongst recognized hip hop artists with seven albums under his belt.

Besides record production, his talent also lies in acting, appearing on over a dozen films and TV series.

Given his exploration of acting and hip hop music, Asha, who stands at the height of five feet eleven inches, is estimated to have amassed a net worth of 2 million dollars, as Celebrity Net Worth reports.