Is David Packouz Still Married? Who Is His Baby Mama?

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While David Packouz's Instagram Feed Screams His Love For His Daughter, His Follower Are Busy Bombarding Internet With Question Regarding His Wife.
Is David Packouz Still Married? Who Is His Baby Mama?

Those who follow American arms dealer David Packouz on social media are probably familiar with his tight-knitted bond with his little daughter. But with the display of his role as a doting father arises a big question about who his wife might be.

Who Is David Packouz’s Wife?

David has no problem flashing his undying love for his daughter, Anabelle Jane, on his socials, but he does not entertain sharing who the baby mama is.

Having a teen daughter, many speculated he might have a wife or a girlfriend. But, the arms dealer is not known to be married to this date, at least, that is what it seems like.

Surprisingly, his love life is so private that he has never stirred the media with his romantic involvement despite being a well-recognized personality.

More so, keeping the identity of his baby mama to himself, he often takes to Instagram to share his journey through single parenthood, and we must say he is pretty great at parenting.

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David, A Proud Father To His Daughter

David got exposed to a new chapter in life since he had his daughter in 2007, and he does not miss a single chance to remind himself of what great journey fatherhood has been for the multi-hyphenate personality.

His bond with his fourteen-year-old daughter is evident on his Instagram, which is dominated by his daughter’s memorable moments.

With all his fatherly love, the dotting father ensures not to let his daughter feel the absence of a mother. Through one of his Instagram posts, David took his time to share with his followers about where he gets his motivation to become a responsible father and wrote,

My Dad and my daughter, the two people who taught me how to be a father.

As David grew up with a healthy and close relationship with his family members, the ripple of his healthy family bond also shows on his bond with his daughter. 

Judging his ‘gram feeds with Anabelle, it shows the father-daughter duo loves spending quality time with each other. From traveling to new places to visiting family members, they are always together. What a loving father, isn’t he?

David Packouz and his daughter having fun skiing

David Packouz and his daughter having fun skiing (Source: Instagram)

Treasuring one of his unforgettable memories with his daughter, David took to his ‘gram on December 29, 2019, to share a series of pictures of having a fun day out skiing with her.

If all his Instagram posts do not convince you of how much he loves his daughter, his song More Than Anything, dedicated to Anabelle, will surely do.

Some sweet words from his love-filled song for his little girl go as,

'I'll hold and protect you and dry away your tears and I'll love and I'll teach you, so you can face your own fears...'

David and his daughter out to watch a movie

David and his daughter out to watch a movie (Source: Instagram)

While he relishes a fulfilling personal life, his successful career earning him an incredible net worth assists him to provide the best life to his adorable daughter.

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What Is David’s Net Worth?

The Jewish family-born had had his experience in arms dealing since 2005 when he joined the arms dealing company AEY.

Within a year since he joined the company, the venture was already in a massive profit with contract deals of 10.5 million dollars. 

Given his affiliation with the company, Wealthy Gorilla estimated David’s net worth to be 2.9 million dollars.

Besides, his music journey as a musician might also assist in adding up to his existing wealth. Although he is not very vested in music as much in arms dealing, it would be fair to say the larger chunk of his fortune comes from his profession as an arms dealer.