Diego Velázquez's Removes A Picture With His Girlfriend, Why?

By Bahar Jung Thapa | On:
Diego Velazquez who achieved much success at a young age has suddenly deleted pictures with his girlfriend & raised quite a curiosity about his relationship
Diego Velázquez's Removes A Picture With His Girlfriend, Why?

A picture that used to be proudly displayed on the social media of the film actor Diego Velazquez now seems to be non-existent on any of his official platforms. This move of Velazquez has made fans confirm the status of his relationship now. 

Diego Velazquez's Girlfriend

"Very rare pic of me smiling."

Captioned the Zoe Valentine star on one of his Instagram pictures, which garnered over 80 thousand likes and many good wishes. 

Diego Velazquez With His Girlfriend

Diego Velazquez With His Girlfriend (Source Pinterest)

The picture consisted of him with his beau on the mountains smiling and having a good time. The picture reflected the pair's extraordinary chemistry as they looked just happy to be alongside each other. 

However, cut to today, the picture, unfortunately, does not see the light of the day as Diego has decided to remove it from his Instagram. 

While the girl's identity cannot be confirmed, his broken relationship is a matter of surety now. Apart from his relationship with the mysterious woman, he was also seen kissing a TikTok star, Desiree Montoya, on an Instagram live in 2018. 

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The live features a guy and a girl, and the three seem to be enjoying their time while reading the Instagram live comments. Goofing around with his friends, they make a dare that Diego had to kiss the girl for 10k viewers, and when they hit the mark, they are instigated to kiss each other. 

Diego Kissing A Girl

Which they eventually did, but it was just a peck, and it seemed like the friends were just having fun with each other. 

Other than that, no confirmations of his relationship have been available on any platforms. 

However, Velazquez's achievements since young age are a story of their own which has helped him garner a substantial name and fame in the business. 

Started Pretty Young 

Diego, age 19, started his acting career at the young age of 7 when he was cast in CBS's Extraordinary Measures. This feature of him put him on a different spot amongst one of the promising rising artists. 

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Born in El Salvador, he went on to be a cast of another famous series, Thundermans. His series The Thunderman ran from 2013 to 2018. But he is more primarily known for his role in the series Zoe Valentine. 

He was also featured in a small role in the movie, The City of Your Final Destination. Standing at the height of 5'11, his flourishing career seems to be quite promising for him. 

At just 19 years of age, he has achieved much, and it is only a matter of time when the world will see more of Velazquez on the big screen and rule millions of hearts.