Who is DJ Paul's Wife? Does He Have a Son?

By Sanskriti Acharya | On:
Who is DJ Paul's Wife? Does He Have a Son?

As the name goes, DJ Paul is a flourishing DJ, record producer, and immensely talented rapper who has garnered immense love worldwide. 

His colossal career is filled in with multiple success stories. People are much aware of his flourishment in the professional life track. However, the global sensation is also quenched with questions regarding his wife and more about his personal life.  

DJ Paul's Wife

No news of Paul walking down the aisle alongside his wife has yet been made public. The musical sensation has dated many and even gotten engaged, but he is yet to ring the wedding chimes.

Paul previously exchanged rings with his soon-to-be wife, Majda Baltic. In addition, Paul, his son (talked about him later in the article), and his fiance seemed to have lived together.

DJ Paul alongside his former soon-to be wife, and son

DJ Paul alongside his former soon-to-be wife and son (Image Source: Vegas)

The couple had been together for a pretty long time. They looked adorable together. Also, they had made their appearance on Celebrity Wife Swap together.

Burress and his wife, Tiffany Burress, marked their presence on the show. There, these two couples were asked to swap their partners.

There was a lot of drama-filled in the surrounding, but the show was immensely fun and humorous. Moreover, the former lovers have stepped in multiple shows together while filling in the aura of goof and fun.

However, the goofball bonding didn't last much further. They part their ways off a little too soon, leaving their fans heartbroken. The exes split their ways with unnarrated theories or stories.

Soon after the split, Paul was also linked with Rocker Slash's ex-wife, Perla Hudson. They were spotted multiple times together. But then, their relationship seemed a bit private as they both didn't open on it.

However, after the unstoppable rumors and news, Paul later addressed all of the stories, which turned out to be true. The lovebirds openly shared their love for each other.

They were seen holding hands, kissing, and posing adorably while facing the paparazzi. They both seemed to have fallen head over heels for each other.

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However, the couple soon stopped being viewed together. Many fans brought their queries forward, but no answer came from anyone's side. The situation makes us all believe that they split their ways. 

Paul's relationship status is most often spiced up. He has also been said to have hooked up with Karrine Steffans. In addition, Paul was also linked up with his former band member, Gangsta Boo.

Many resources claimed the news of them dating. But, both of them soon brought the rumors down as they denied having dated each other.

Except for his past relationships and dating history, Paul has also been quenched with questions regarding his son.

Paul does have a son named Nautica Beauregard, whose mother is still unknown. He has never really opened up to the woman with whom he shares the son. 

Moreover, his son leads a life away from the camera flashes and limelight. He does seem involved in a few of the events Paul attends, but that doesn't happen often. 

Paul has revealed not much than this. Stay with us to get an update on the father and son duo.