A Look Into Emelia Hartford's Successful Life

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Emelia Hartford has surely amassed a huge net worth at such a young age, but the question of who her partner still remains unanswered.
A Look Into Emelia Hartford's Successful Life

Emelia Hartford is one name that every person from the automotive industry will instantly recognize. We mean, how can someone not be aware of this young women's exceptional driving capabilities. 

Also an actress, Emelia has achieved much at such a young age allowing her to amass a net worth that caters to her lavish and satisfying lifestyle.

Emelia Hartford's Net Worth

Hartford, age 28, is also a prominent figure in the YouTube world. Her automobile content on YouTube video lands her an average viewership of 300k every week, helping her amass a staggering subscriber count of over 795 thousand followers. 

Although it might not always be stagnant, she is estimated to earn anywhere from between $5k to & $80k from her YouTube videos and not to miss her sponsorship and affiliated marketing. 

As the readers are aware by now, Hartford loves cars, and of course, she has a massive car collection. Most of her earnings are amassed from her net worth but being a prominent social media figure also allows her to take up a role of an influencer, enabling her to have multiple endorsement deals. 

Emelia knew what she wanted to do with her life at a young age and made it happen. Even if she actually didn't know what direction to go in, she dove her car right to the path of success. LITERALLY!

In August 2020, happy news came along the way for the well-wishers of Hartford when she posted a video titled, "I BOUGHT MY FIRST HOUSE WITH DREAM GARAGE!!!"

Emelia Hartford's Announces Getting A New House

Hartford started a video with a big smile and addressed her sponsor of the video. 

See what did we tell you? It only adds to her net worth more and more right?

"Hi guys uh I am Emilia, there and a half years ago I was sitting in this very parking spot telling you guys that I was gonna start vlogging and here I am three and a half years later telling you that I bought my first home"

Told the 28-year-old to hundred of thousands of her viewers. She also mentioned that her house also has a dream garage. 

Although she mentions that she always had a roof over her head and could pay for rent, it sure is a good feeling to own a house from your hard work. 

The numbers of her net worth might rank her on the millionaire's list, but the question remains of her love life and what it's like. 

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Who Is Emelia Hartford's Partner?

"Sorry i decide to keep my love life a personal matter but it will continue to do so."

On a video titled "The TRUTH About My Love Life," the YouTuber addressed speculations on the online portal and cleared the air regarding her relationship. 

Hartford very straightforwardly said that she does not want to lay out any details of her relationships and would want to keep them concealed. 

In the same video, Hartford also further added that she was not gay. Emelia gets a lot of speculation regarding her sexuality, with many assuming that she is lesbian as well. 

However, these rumors too were laid to rest when Hartford made a tweet regarding the matter. Showing her concern on how difficult it might be for actual gay or lesbian people to come out, she wrote, 

Emelia Hartford's Tweet Addressing Her Sexuality

Emelia Hartford's Tweet Addressing Her Sexuality (Source Twitter)

Hartford does not seem to be in a relationship, and even if she is, she is adamant not to let the details slip.

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Short Bio On Emelia

Hartford was born in 1993, and her birthday falls on July 29. She is 28 years of age as of 2021. 

Hartford is known as a SAG-AFTRA actress who is featured in Tv series such as Redbull TV: Drift Queen, Men, Women, & Reality and bags a credit in movies, namely, Nightfall and From Mexico with Love. 

She can also be seen in Season 2 of Netflix's "Fastest Car," As of 2021, the actress has completed the shoot of her upcoming movie, A California Christmas: City Lights.