Gabe Kapler Hopes for a Bright Future for Gay Atheletes

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Gabe Kapler Hopes for a Bright Future for Gay Atheletes

American professional baseball outfielder Gabe Kapler, a manager of the San Francisco Giants from MLB, has professionally been associated with baseball since 1995 when he was drafted in the 1995 MLB Draft.

This amazing baseball star is a prolific player who has won multiple All-Star titles and a thoughtful individual who seems to fully support gay rights and openly talks about how important representation is. 

His openness towards the good of the community has attracted questions such as 'is Gabe Kapler gay?' float around. 

So Is Gabe Kapler Gay?

You ask anyone about Gabe, and you will instantly see the immense respect they have for him.

This shows what an outstanding professional athlete he was. And more importantly, above achieving all the prestigious titles and accolades, he has gained immense love and respect from the fans. 

He was in the field as a player until 2010, but now even a decade later, the love people have for the former athlete is as fresh as new. 

But you know what the most amazing thing about Kapler was during his baseball days? It was that he was not afraid. 

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He was never afraid to speak up for gay rights, and soon enough, he was this role model for gay sports fans. Moreover, Gabe actively tried to make them feel part of the bunch and accepted. 

Kapler never cared about stereotypes, and that is probably the reason why people still care about him. 

Gabe Kepler Photographed in The Hills

Gabe Kapler Photographed in The Hills (Source Outsports)

Just to give you an overview of how Kapler was, let's dive into his tweets. A tweet dating back to 2014 reads, 

"I hope when the first actively gay baseball player comes out, he's a superstar. We need a Jackie Robinson style earth shaker."

He ended the tweet with a hashtag change. This just goes on to show his support for a gay sports athlete and how much he supports the community. 

However, for Gabe himself, this is not a matter that he speaks for himself. He is straight and has also been married once to his girlfriend.

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Life After Marriage

Gabe married his girlfriend, his high school sweetheart Lisa Jansen in 1998. This was the time around when his career was at its all peak, and seemingly so was his personal life. 

The two gave birth to two sons, Chase Ty Kapler and Dane Rio Kapler. However, their relationship ended publicly when they filed for divorce back in 2013 after almost 14 years of marriage. 

Since his divorce, Gabe has not been associated with anyone and seems to be enjoying his single life, along with his two sons. 

His sons seem to be growing up quick, and they sure are extremely attractive, 

Hmm, we wonder where it came from... 

And the most exciting part of it all, both of his sons seem to have followed in his footsteps.

His son Chase Kapler graduated from Malibu High School and has actively played high school football in two football teams covered by MaxPreps.

His other son, Fane, also played for Ventura High. Well, it seems like they look up to their father more than we know, and it is only a matter of time when the Kepler name starts ringing on the fields as it did decades ago.