Hazel Gordy's Married Life with Her Former Husband- Did She Remarry?

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Hazel Gordy's Married Life with Her Former Husband- Did She Remarry?

Hazel Gordy is an American model also known for being the former wife of popular singer and songwriter Jermaine Jackson.

Given her association with the legendary musician, her admirers are inclined to learn more about her nuptials and her life behind the camera flashes. So, follow through to get details on her family and if she has a husband.

Hazel Gordy's Husband & Family

Hazel Gordy was born on August 24, 1954, in Detroit, Michigan, the United States of America.

Her age is72 and her net worth is not disclosed yet. Her father goes by the name, Berry Gordy (founder of Motown Record Corporation) while her mother’s name is Thelma Coleman (founder of Motown).

The Motown Record Corporation is responsible for music artists including Stevie Wonder and Jackson 5.

Hazel has seven siblings including Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Rockwell, Kerry Gordy, Redfoo, Sherry Gordy with Berry Gordy IV, and Terry James Gordy being her biological brothers.

Although Hazel and her former husband separated long ago, the musician has been in the magazine headlines for his marriages and divorces quite a few times, while Hazel has remained low-key regarding her love life.

Jermaine Jackson's third wife filed for divorce in 2016.

The 61-year-old singer's former spouse Halima Rashid - who he had a wedding in 2004 - cited 'irreconcilable differences' in her filing and listed November 28, 2015, as the date of separation, according to an article on Thursday by TMZ.

She requested spousal support in her divorce petition that was filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Hazel Gordy's former husband and children

Hazel with her kids and former husband (Source: Blogpost)

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And on Friday she broke her silence on their split telling People: "We have enjoyed many good times during our marriage of nearly 12 years, but we have reached a point where our lives would be better and more productive if we are not married."

While married to Hazel Gordy, Berry Gordon’s daughter, he was in a relationship with Margaret Maldonado. Margaret quickly found out that Jermaine was leading a double life.

Despite being married, Jermaine led Margaret to believe that he was leaving Hazel and that they were planning to get a divorce.

Later, she would find out that Jermaine was lying. In May of 1986, Margaret discovered that she was pregnant with Jermaine’s baby.

While Margaret reveals in her book that Jermaine was excited about her pregnancy, he was still married to Hazel.

On Christmas Day when Margaret went into labor, she was in the hospital alone and Jermaine was with his wife. Margaret gave birth to their son, Jeremy Maldonado Jackson, and shared the news with Jermaine via phone.

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As the new year began, Jermaine continued to fill Margaret’s head with promises that never came true.

While he set up Margaret and their son in a condo in the Pacific Palisades near his home, he still was married to his then-wife, Hazel. Not only were Hazel and Jermaine still married, but Hazel was 8-months pregnant with their third child, Jaimy.

Prior to Hazel’s 3rd pregnancy, the couple had 2 children: Jermaine Jr. and Autumn. 

Margaret learned of Hazel’s pregnancy after photos appeared in the media of a very pregnant Hazel looking after her husband’s mistress's child. While Jermaine hid Margaret from the family, he allegedly brought their son to meet the rest of the Jackson clan.

After years of dealing with her husband's infidelity, Hazel became fed up with Jermaine and filed for divorce in October of 1987, just months after their third child was born in March 1987.

However, Margaret continued her relationship with Jermaine and they had a second son, Jourdynn Michael Jackson on January 9th, 1989.

Oddly, once Jermaine was divorced from Hazel he never married Margaret. However, she became friends with Jermaine’s former wife, Hazel.

The NY Daily News reported that the new besties spent time discussing their former beau's new relationship with Alejandra, his brother Randy’s ex-wife. 

In 1995, Jermaine and Alejandra secretly turned husband-wife, later having children of their own — Jaafar, Donte, and Jermajesty. Jermaine divorced Alejandra in 2004, leaving the divorce papers behind in the house as he went on tour.

But, did Hazel Gordy remarry? While Hazel's love life after her divorce remains oblivious, her former husband's list of ex-lovers has covered several tabloids for years.