What Is Stevie Wonder's Net Worth Earned from His Outstanding Contribution to the Music Industry?

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What Is Stevie Wonder's Net Worth Earned from His Outstanding Contribution to the Music Industry?

American singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder has truly given the music industry a lot more than we can imagine. Therefore, the newer generations need to realize and learn about his contributions to the industry.

He was a big name in music from an early age when his single Fingertips charted on Billboard Hot 100 as a number one when he was just 13. 

The legendary singer has been impactful and one of the most important artists to have shaped the music industry to what it is today. 

So while we are yet to talk about his personal life, we need to first acknowledge his career and the professional accomplishments that have helped him earn a massive net worth.

What Is Stevie Wonder's Net Worth? 

Stevie Wonder molded and reshaped the conventions of R&B during the 70s. 

He is considered a pioneer by fans and music lovers, including artists worldwide, for his influence on genres such as pop, gospel, funk, jazz, and many more. 

Wonder was into music ever since he was a child, and as we discussed earlier, his single Fingertips was an early accomplishment in his career that showed people that he would be something big in the coming days. 

And so he became!

He became the youngest artist ever to top the chart, and there was no stopping this child prodigy after that. 

Garnering critical acclaim and massive success from the very beginning, he released Music of my Mind, Superstition, and many more that are still remembered.

His first album won the Grammy Award for album of the year, but that was just the start of winning prestigious awards for the music legend. 

Stevie Wonder During an Event

Stevie Wonder During an Event (Source Britannica)

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He has won 25 Grammy Awards, the most award won by a solo artist, and one Academy Award for the best original song in the movie 'The Woman in Red.' 

One of the best-selling artists, he has sold over 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the artists with a hefty net worth.

Over the years, he has become more and more involved with activism and working towards many political causes.

His political and social contributions have been celebrated with the titles such as United Nations Messenger of Peace and Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

He truly is one of the most eminent musicians and is completely peerless with anyone in the industry. 

As reported by Celebrity Net Worth, Stevie's legendary career has now landed him a mind-blowing net worth of $200 million.

Apart from his heavy net worth-earning career, the acclaimed musician's large family probably keeps his hands tied.

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More on Stevie Wonder 

Born on May 13, 1950, Wonder is 72 years as of 2022. 

Stevie has been married to his third spouse, Tomeeka Robyn Bracy, for about five years. The couple tied the knot in 2017, and they have been together ever since. 

The singer-songwriter was married to his first wife, Syreeta Wright, back in 1970, but their marriage lasted just two years, and the two separated in 1972.

He then went on to marry his second wife, Kai Millard Morris, in 2001, and their relationship, however, comparatively, lasted long. 

The two were married in 2001 and later separated in 2015. 

Talking about his kids, it has been reported that he is a father to nine children with five different women.

With such fame and net worth as Stevie's, one is bound to be followed by several trivial rumors. And one of such rumors about the singer that remained in tabloid headlines for some time was that he is not blind.

To those unaware of it, Stevie has been visually impaired since a young age. However, the rumor is nothing but a hoax. 

Seeing him achieve such a rarely attainable feat in his profession despite all the odds, his admirers can't help but respect this incredible talent for all that he has given to the world in the form of his art.