Does James Lesure Has A Wife To Share His Hefty Net Worth With?

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Does James Lesure Has A Wife To Share His Hefty Net Worth With?

"I am open to producing. I do like good entertainment and great entertainment so it makes me feel good, and I want to be part ..." was the American television Actor James Lesure's response when he was asked what other things he wanted to do later in life. 

With a hefty net worth, Lesure might have stuck heavily to acting over the years, successfully making a name for himself in that arena. 

Lesure sat down in an interview with Los Angeles Sentinal back in 2009, where he mainly talked about his career, but little did he know that his career would land him in net worth that many can only dream of. 

James Lesure's Net Worth 

James now stands at a hefty net worth of $5 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. Talking about how he accumulated his growing wealthLesure got massive recognization for his play in the NBC sitcom For Your Love. 

In an interview that dates back to 2009, Lesure was asked about his plans in coming to big screens, to which he replied, 

I’d like to.  I’m still working at this acting thing and hopefully I’m becoming better and better because that’s what I like to do, as well become more successful.  

James's Interview With Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper

Successful is what he became, not by his involvement in movies but by his consistent contribution to the TV industry. 

Also known for his role in Las Vegas, James went on to be a part of big successful series such as Gilfreinds' Guide to Divorce, Blue Bloods, and Good Girls. 

Started his career in 1992 by guest-starring in series such as Mad About You and NYPD Blue; the 51-year-old actor will now move into three decades of his career this 2022. 

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Despite having plans for production and coming on big screens, Lesure stood his ground on working for Television. As of 2022, he has worked in over 50 series, all adding up to his amazing net worth. 

Lesure, age 51, has worked extensively to be where he is today. However, people are often intrigued as to if the all-so-busy personality has someone to go home to and share his success with, maybe a wife?. 

Is James Lesure Married?

Lesure is a very low-key personality, and with such faces comes a very low profile dating and married life for which garnering information is extremely hard. 

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The same is with Lesure; any details of him having a wife is sacred and unknown to people but what is known is his past relationships. 

Relationship! to be precise. 

James was in a relationship with Lara Flynn Boyle back in 2005. The ex-pair had also worked in a series together named Las Vegas. 

However, their relationship was short-lived, and after, Boyle eventually moved on with real-estate investor Donald Ray Thomas II. 

As of now, Lesure seems to be single, and as many personalities, his relationship status at times has made people speculate his sexuality to be gay. 

But without any additional information, Live Rampup cannot put authenticity to these speculations. 

The African-American actor is seen in the 2021 TV series Rebel, which aired on ABC in April 2021. 

Witnessing his amazing career and raving net worth, stay with us for more updates on James Lesure!