Is Jerry Cantrell Married? Inside His Mysterious Love Life

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Being one of the greatest musicians, Jerry Cantrell's low-key love life has his fans wonder who his wife or girlfriend is, or does he even have one?
Is Jerry Cantrell Married? Inside His Mysterious Love Life

Alice in Chains frontman Jerry Cantrell has given the world some of the hits head-bangers, and he is amongst the well-established musicians of all times with multimillion-dollar net worth.

While his professional journey is out in the open, his low-key love life still keeps his fans in oblivion regarding who his wife, does he really have one?

Does He Have A Wife?

Well, the rocker is not known to have a wife yet, and it might come to you as a surprise considering he is a heartthrob of millions. Not to mention, his popularity among the females is no less.

Jerry might have been in a few relationships in the past, but none made it to the point of marriage. However, while most of his love life details remain under shade, he once revealed being in a long-term relationship.

He created the song Down in a Hole in dedication to his then-girlfriend of seven years, Courtney Clarke. Although the details of their love life remain concealed, the singer shared a few words about the song and his relationship, saying,

"Down in a Hole" is in my top three, personally. It's to my long-time love. It's the reality of my life, the path I've chosen and in a weird way it kind of foretold where we are right now. It's hard for us to both understand... that this life is not conducive to much success with long-term relationships.

However, he has been rumored to have been romantically involved with a few known personalities in the entertainment industry, but no evidence hints at him being involved with them.

Amid his relationship speculations, the singer was also suspected of being gay. The speculation might have arisen because he is unmarried to this date. But, the guitarist has never addressed the gay speculation.

However, he, along with his band, rose to gay controversy when Alice in Chains's 2013-released album The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here came out. The album, which touches the religious side, stirred the media for some of its contradicting songs. Defending his creation, Jerry once stated,

When you're teaching people that being gay is a mortal sin, yet a good portion of the people teaching this, there's a huge problem. It's insane when religion tells you it's OK to strap a bomb on yourself to blow someone else up because they believe in something different.

Despite being caught up in a whirlwind of controversy, the album went on to do pretty well, adding to his existing high-earned wealth.

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What Is Jerry’s Net Worth?

Since 1985, the guitarist and singer have been actively creating music with his band, Alice in Chains, releasing six studio albums to this date.

Born to father Jerry Fulton Cantrell and mother Gloria Jean Krumpos, Jerry had always dreamt of being a rock star, and the now-legendary rock star Jerry has successfully made his dream a reality.

Alice in Chains's Jerry Cantrell and other band members (Source: musicweek)

The musician has marked his presence in the music industry through his abilities that have earned him positions in 100 Greatest Heavy Metal Guitarist of All Time in 2004, Greatest Guitar Player of All Time in 2012, and 100 Greatest Guitar Solos in 2008. Not to mention he has nine Grammy nominations under his name.

From his decades of a successful music career, Jerry, named by Metal Hammer as Riff Lord in 2006, is now entitled to a whooping net worth of 35 million dollars, as CelebrityNetWorth reports.

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Jerry, who resides in his Washington house, recently sold his Studio City home valued at 1.45 million dollars.

His luxurious lifestyle does not go unnoticed with his huge car collection, including 2016 Range Rover, 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray, and 1993 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray, worth millions of dollars altogether.

Besides his music, the guitarist, who stands at the height of six feet one inch, also expresses his emotions through the tattoos engraved on different parts of his body. And, among all the most noticeable is his full arm tattoo which instantly grabs eyes whenever he picks up his guitar.