Jim Gardner's Life Long Marital And Career Promise

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Jim Gardner has a picture-perfect life, from over 50 years of married life with his wife and a hefty net worth.
Jim Gardner's Life Long Marital And Career Promise

American news anchor, Jim Gardner whenever commits to anything, makes sure to do it long-term. Thus, for example, his half-century-long career and HALF CENTURY long marriage. 

America's favorite news anchor has been married for a total of 52 years with his loving wife. 

Jim Gardner's Life With Wife

In a time where we cover multiple divorces and breakups (not to throw a hit to anyone, every relationship is different), it is refreshing to see a marriage that has lasted as long as theirs. 

Garner married his wife Amy Gardner in 1970, and the pair have gone strong ever since. Together they have two children of their own. 

"Own," Keep that in mind; we will come to that later. 

Jim and his current wife, Amy, worked together at WPVI's sales department. However, while Jim furthered his career to become a news anchor for WPVI-TV, his wife slowly strayed away from the professional front. 

Jim Gardner And His Wife

Jim Gardner Alongside His Wife, Amy Gardner

It is an assumption as there are no current records of his wife still working in the media. 

They have a son and a daughter together. As reported by Philadelphia, their eldest (daughter) was 5, and youngest was 2 in 2006. 

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So their children are grown-ups now. Probably chasing dreams in college or doing what they are passionate about. 

Remember when we said to keep a word in mind?

Yes! Own. The two have two children of their own. However, Jim's total number of children is four. 

He, too, had a divorce. He was first married to Julie Gardner and had two kids with her. A son named Josh, age 16, and a daughter named Jenn, age 13, reported as of 2006. 

Despite the two being divorced, they have handed their parental responsibilities well and co-parented their children for decades. 

Gardner has successfully nurtured his ever-so-successful personal life and has managed to balance it with a career that he has led for 53 years. 

Jim Gardner's Salary And Net Worth 

Jim Gardner, also known as James Goldman, was born on May 17, 1948. Although he received his Bachelor's degree in political science from Columbia University in 1970, he had already started his career in broadcast journalism. 

At Columbia University, he got to experience reporting on the Historic Students Riots for the university's radio station, WKCR-FM. 

His first major role didn't come until 1974 when he landed a job in television broadcast at WKBW-TV

He then started working for Philadelphia on June 1, 1976, for WPVI. 

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In 1996, he received the title of "Person of the Year" by the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia. 

It was in 2003 that he was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia. 

As reported by Glassdoor, a news anchor averages a yearly salary of $53,272, so, possibly, the 73-year-old Jim Gardner earns a salary of the range of $53 thousand. 

And it undoubtedly has significantly increased, which estimates his net worth to around millions, given the timeline of his career.