Keisha Morris- Her Net Worth & What She Is Doing Now

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Keisha Morris- Her Net Worth & What She Is Doing Now

Keisha Morris is an American actress and the late rapper Tupac Shakur's ex-wife.

She is most known for her role as the Bag Man (2005). Born in the Bronx, New York, United States, on July 10, 1974, she came under the major spotlight after her marriage to Tupac Shakur on April 29, 1995.

Head on to know what Keisha Morris is doing now and get to know more about her net worth and married life. 

Keisha Morris's Net Worth

Tupac and his wife Keisha had intended to start a family before he died, but they divorced before the rapper's death.

They met at a nightclub when she was 20 years old, the year before Tupac was arrested. Talking about Keisha's first encounter with her then love Tupac, she said, 

“We were dancing, and we spoke briefly. He was going through something legally at the time, and I told him to just be careful of the people he’s around and that I hope everything works out.” 

She further added,

"I saw him a month later at the Tunnel [another nightclub], and he remembered the whole conversation…He gave me his number, and I gave him my house number. The next day, I had to go work…and he called me when I got home. We started talking from that day on."

Their marriage was canceled when Tupac was released in 1995.

Keisha Morris with Tupac

Keisha Morris with Tupac (Source The Sun)

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Tupac was dating Kidada Jones, the daughter of music mogul Quincy Jones and sister of actress Rashida Jones, at the time of his murder.

On September 13, 1996, Tupac was killed in a drive-by shooting.

A shooter in a white Cadillac with four occupants gunned him down at a Las Vegas intersection.

The rapper was shot four times in the chest, arm, and thigh and died six days later in hospital after sliding into a coma due to his injuries.

When he died, the acclaimed musician was only 25 years old. 

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Not much is known of Keisha as of today as she hasn't shared much information about herself. 

As of 2020, Keisha's projected web price is 1.5 million dollars.

This includes her possessions, cash, and earnings. Her main source of income is her work as an actress.

Keisha, age 47, has been able to collect an impressive net worth due to her multiple sources of income, yet she likes to live a modest lifestyle.

On the other hand, as per Celebrity Net Worth, Keisha's former late husband's net worth amounts to 200 thousand dollars as of now.