Keon Alexander Has a Wife? Who Is the Mysterious Lady In His Life?

By Bahar Jung Thapa | On:
Keon Alexander Has a Wife? Who Is the Mysterious Lady In His Life?

Known as Marco Inaros from 'The Expanse,' Keon Alexander is one charming actor who has just captivated millions' hearts. 

As good-looking as he is, the Canadian actor is also equally talented. But, in the industry so prying, Keon has successfully kept details of his wife and relationships down low. 

And you know how that goes. People seem to have extreme curiosity about details on their partners and relationships. 

So, What do you think? Is Keon married to a wife, or does he have a partner no one knows about?

Who Is Keon Alexander's Wife?

As we mentioned before, the Canadian actor has very intricately kept details of his relationships hidden, but a post dating back in 2017 made us suspect if he has a partner. 

However, debunking one doubt, he doesn't have a wife. In 2017 he posted his picture with a girl named Alejandra.

The picture seemed to be romantic, to say the least. Alejandra can be seen grabbing the actor's arms and giving him a warm look. Yes, the look that made us think that she was his partner. 

One of the followers commented on the picture as, 'beautiful couple!'

Well, we do not know the truth whether the pair were husband and wife, but the coziness between the two, as seen in the picture, has us convinced they were an item.

Keon Alexander Posted Cozy Picture with His Supposed Wife

Keon Alexander Posted Cozy Picture with His Rumored Spouse(Source Instagram)

However, it seems like, in reality, they are not a couple as not much can be seen about the girl on his social media or anywhere else. 

But whatever his love life scenario is, Keon's fans have no other way than to admire his on-screen romance as it appears in 'The Expanse,' where he shares a son with his on-screen partner, Dominique Tipper.  

So, to sum it up, Keon does not have a wife off-screen, and he doesn't seem to have a partner either. 

But he does share a romantic bond with his on-screen partner that many people ship and wish it to be a real-life thing. 

Stay with us to know more about Keon and any updates or recent happenings regarding his wife and professional life. 

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More on Keon Alexander 

Keon is of Persian heritage, and he is one of the three actors of Iranian origin who is a cast member of the show 'The Expanse.' 

Nothing is known about his parents as there hasn't been much information about them anywhere. 

Alexander is a very lowkey personality himself, and much detail of his personal life has been unknown so far.

Besides his private nature, the actor has made it big in the show biz, where he entered in 2009. 

Beginning his footsteps in Hollywood, appearing in 'Flashpoint,' the handsome talent has come very far with several of his projects to this date.

Later on, he appeared on big screens with his roles in 'Circumstance,' ' Republic of Doyle,' 'Tyrant,' and so on.

After that, Alexander played roles with small appearances in other series, eventually landing one major role in 'The Expanse,' which added ten folds to his achievements and fame. 

With that being said, the actor has a lot more to achieve in the future, and undoubtedly he will continue to bless us with his astounding talent in the coming days.