Lavell Crawford Has Achieved It All with His Wife's Support

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Lavell Crawford Has Achieved It All with His Wife's Support

Lavell Crawford is a barrel of laughs who has arisen and shone his worth with the ineffable skills in comedy and acting. His gritty voice with a tinted deposition keeps the audience engaged and interested. 

Moreover, Crawford has glistered a spark of joy into his personal life by keeping his relationship intact with his beautiful wife alongside his humorous personality.  

Behind a laughing face, he has hundreds of stories to narrate, thousands of emotions to hide, and millions of efforts to make. Yet, comedy is an art Crawford has mastered with grace and professionalism alongside his amazing life with his family. 

Lavell Crawford's Wife and Kids

They say, 'Behind every successful man, there’s a woman.'

Crawford, for sure, is a man of commitment and determination who has been reaching heights, setting milestones, and properly mapping destinations to reach his goals and ambitions. 

However, one of the major reasons for him achieving so many things today is his woman, the love of his life, DeShawn Crawford. When a person is bound in a relationship, especially when married, the shoulder gets bulky with many challenges and responsibilities.

Lavell Crawford alongside his beautiful wife, DeShawn Crawford

Lavell Crawford alongside his beautiful wife, DeShawn Crawford (Image Source: Instagram)

At this point, the bond weakens when equal efforts are not made. So most of the time, for the sake of keeping the relationship intact, the couples start off to overshadow the things they are passionate about and gradually set a full stop to what they love doing.

This way, neither the relationship functions nor life. However, in the case of Crawford, his spouse has always been prioritizing him and his passion before his efforts in her.

As a result, not much about DeShawn's career has come to light. She seems to be a private person. However, the lovely husband and wife duo have walked alongside together for a decade already.

Moreover, the couple is blessed with an adorable son named L J Crawford. He is the only kid the couple has. 

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Crawford has always been seen admiring his son and wife. Moreover, he keeps things real in interviews or talk shows, enhancing the audience's perspective towards him, and likewise, he did the same when it came to his weight loss journey. 

Lavell Crawford Shutting Down Body-Shaming

Body-shaming, fat-shaming, or whatsoever have become the most trending tags today. There is not a single person who has not gone through this devastating phase of life.

Crawford, a celebrity, has struggled to be overweight since he was a kid. As a result, he has been bullied, fat-shamed, and body-shamed several times. However, this time Crawford came up with a mouth shutting answer to all the judgemental opinions he was surrounded with. 

In an interview, he revealed how he went on a proper diet, avoided sugar for a couple of months, and exercised. However, he did not lose weight for the sake of shutting up the bullies; he lost it for himself, his wife, and his only son. He states,

"I’m 47 and I’ve got a beautiful family. I have a cute son and a beautiful wife that I want to be around for them. I don’t want to leave them hanging.”

Crawford is a prominent family member where if something happens to him, things will get worse. 

So, he decided to stop being obese and take care of himself and his family, keeping this fear intact. He says,

"I don’t wanna drop dead on the sidewalk eating a hot dog.            

He got a little health conscious and took this massive step. Crawford states that his wife has been putting equal efforts into helping him go easy during the weight loss journey. He dropped over 120 pounds in a few months with his determination. 

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Moreover, after losing a lot of weight, he also carried out a short surgery process to lead him to get a proper weight. His fans were not prepared for this massive change in him.

However, he stunned a mass of people after, but his wholesome personality is still the same, where he never fails to make his audience laugh with his astounding comedy skills.