What Is Leila Rahimi's Main Focus In Life?

By Bahar Jung Thapa | On:
Leila Rahimi discussed her priorities and talked about who had the biggest impact on her life so is it her husband? or something else?
What Is Leila Rahimi's Main Focus In Life?

Sports Anchor Leila Rahimi's professionalism while hosting is unmatched. However, she seems to garner significant attention regarding her love life. 

The 38-year-old WSCR host sat down with NBC Sports back in 2017 to discuss her priorities and make some things about her personal life clear. In the interview, she was asked as to who has had the biggest impact on her life, and her response was very interesting.

Biggest Impact Is Her Husband? 

"The person who has the biggest impact on your career in this business… is yourself."

Was Rahimi's response to the question. 

Oh... were you expecting for her to name her husband or partner?

Well, in another instance on the interview, she was asked about what she was most proud of, and with no hesitance, she answered, 

Again, I’d say surviving. This business is hard on relationships, personal lives, self-esteem, you name it.

So, the answer itself has an answer within. Lelia's most important aspect in her life seems to be her career, and she is very adamant about one thing, her business, and in no way Rahimi appears to want to bring her relationship into the scenario. 

The interview was taken in 2017, and to this day, there is no news of the 38-year-old having a potential husband in her life. 

Rahimi credits all of her success to herself and her hard work. 

As she should!

Although straying away from relationships, Rahimi lives quite a fulfilling life with her work and her friends. 

Being an Iranian-American woman dedicated to sports is not an easy job for the now NBC Studio host. 

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She has had a fair share of challenges throughout her career, due to which the host now has such a hard shell around her, but all and all, she has always let her work speak for itself, and she has been successful in doing so. 

Fair Share Of Struggle

In an interview with Sports Saturday, she touched upon the hardships and fun side of her work. During a moment, she was asked about how has her ethnicity impacted on her field of business. 

The reply given by this hardworking woman is no different than many people out there as they have faced similar situations many times before. 

Leila Rahimi On The Jam TV Show 

She first talked about the time when she felt the rarity of 'people like her' when she spoke at Harvard and then revealed how people from big media houses have blatantly passed on racist comments. 

She said, 

“One of the saddest moments, for me, was seeing how blatant the hatred can be when they don’t even know you. As if somehow, the nationality that I was born to defines me in a way that’s not a choice that I have made. At the time, when Robert Feder announced my hiring here, the marketing manager for iHeart Media at the time called me a ‘terrorist.’ ”

Devoting half of her life to this career, it's sad to see personalities like Rahimi not getting the due for their hardships. She has also talked about being professionally mistreated by a station where she had little to no fault. 

But not all is bad in the industry; charming Leila's captivating voice and professionalism on the field while interviewing has been widely respected and cherished by the people. 

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As of recent, On October 26, 2021, she was hired by NBC 5 Chicago to co-host the midday show on 670 The Score with Dan Bernstein.