Paul Schulze Finally Settling Down at 60?

By Sauhardika Karki | On:
Paul Schulze Finally Settling Down at 60?

'Nurse Jackie' star Paul Schulze has been down to earth about his personal life. However, has he ever found his real-life Carmela? 

The fans have been asking forever if he ever intends to get married and settled down with his wife. 

Has the stunning actor finally decided to settle down, or does he intend to remain a bachelor?

Does Paul Schulze Have a Wife? 

Paul hasn't ever revealed anything about his romantic life. However, it is for sure that he hasn't gotten married yet. 

He always expresses how annoying he finds the paparazzi who know no personal space whatsoever.

The sensible actor once tweeted a post sharing how much he loved his fans and their support. However, he didn't want news of his romantic life making headlines. 

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Paul is not only a good actor but also a rational man. Although fans have constantly raised questions about his romantic relationship, he has zipped his lips tight. 

According to some of his friends, he did have a girlfriend when he was in high school. But unfortunately, that is the only known fact about his love life yet.

He did reveal in an interview that he would get married before he turned sixty.

Now that he is 59 and is hitting his sixties, does he intend to go through with having a wife and family?

Paul hasn't publicly spoken about it yet, but fans have their hopes high to finally see him walking with his wife and having a family.

Paul Schulze portraying in Nurse Jackie

Paul's portrayal in 'Nurse Jackie' (Source: NY Daily News)

Although not in his real life, we witness his romantic side through his on-screen portrayals. For instance, in his roles in 'Nurse Jackie,' and 'The Sopranos,' the actor flaunts his romantic side.

Since he's been so private about romance in his life and not having seen him with a wife, many fans have concluded that he might be gay. However, how much of truth does this speculation hold?

Is Paul Schulze Gay? 

Although Paul hasn't spoken anything about his sexuality, we can confirm that he isn't gay. However, he has dated a girl in high school, which directs that he is attracted to women. 

The rumors circulated since he never shared anything about having a wife or a girlfriend.

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We can make all the speculations, but Paul remains stubbornly quiet about his romantic life. 

Besides his romantic life, Paul has some other important things he is focusing on right now. His career as an actor has been everything for him. 

More on Paul Schulze

Standing tall at 5 ft 9 inches height, Paul started his career as an actor early. His first step in the entertainment industry was when he portrayed a role in 'Laws of Gravity.'

Since then, he has been in the industry for decades and hasn't once failed to mesmerize his fans with his performance.  

And one of his notable performances can be seen in 'The Sopranos.'

Coincidentally, while portraying the role of a priest in 'The Sopranos,' his next-door neighbor also happened to be a reverend. On that note, he once stated in an interview, 

We had a next-door neighbor, Reverend Schulze, a kindly Lutheran minister who looked remarkably like Thomas Jefferson.

Paul always has an interesting story to tell that keeps the fans entertained. 

Still, the story the fans are curious to know about is his romantic life.

And whether he will choose to create a new chapter with his wife and family will always be his admirer's curiosity that is yet to be answered by the talented actor.