Richard Fowler's Life Story- An Inspiring One

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Richard Fowler's Life Story- An Inspiring One

Fox News contributor Richard Fowler is only 35, but he has achieved much in his political career in a short span. 

People seem to love his thoughts and views regarding matters he shares in his radio show, and they cannot seem to stop but wonder if this political activist has a wife or does he share his life with a significant someone. 

Well, his love life is quite interesting. 

Who Is Richard Fowler's Partner?

Those who don't know Fowler very well seem to have this utter curiosity of learning who his wife is. But to break it out to you, he is openly gay, so it's fair to say the possibility of him having a wife is almost impossible. 

But hey, many still have queries regarding his love life, so just doing our job!

So to answer the question, "Is Richard Fowler Gay?" directly, yes, Fowler is openly gay, and he does not have a wife. 

With that, any queries regarding him having a wife can now go out of the window. He is a very happy individual who is open about his truth and embraces it wholeheartedly, which is one of the inspiring traits of Fowler. 

Also, a radio show host and a media personality, Fowler's show is a liberal radio show heard in over 8 million homes.

This charming and amazingly handsome out-of-box thinking individual has captivated many audiences over the years, and his liberal thoughts and opinions regarding concerning matters are not to miss. 

Fowler fought for equality his entire adulthood as a gay man and strived to find a real solution to the problems rather than just talk.

“Talk is cheap. Our country needs real solutions, and they will come from our greatest resource – our people.”

Fowler said as reported by WSB

His radio show that airs weekly is an informative and empowering show that makes people aware of the real-time problem and empowers them not to lose hope and work towards having conversations that matter and finding needed solutions. 

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Also a contributor and message expert at Forbes, Fowler seems to be single currently as there is no news regarding his love life or having a wife in the past.

Maybe there is someone special, who knows but given his Instagram presence, we should have known if he has someone special in his life. 

But if Facebook account details are still considered valid, then Fowler is pretty much single as his Facebook bio says he is single. 

So for anyone wondering if Richard Fowler has a wife, he does not seem to have one as of now.  

However, life itself is not lonely for him. On the contrary, he seems close with a few of his friends and often goes on vacations. 

In October, he shared a dreamy picture of him and his friends on a boat by the sea in Mexico and reminisced about the wonderful time. 

Richard Fowler With His Friends

Richard Fowler With His Friends (Source Instagram)

So, despite not having a wife or a partner, he seems to live life to the fullest and enjoys every blissful moment life offers. 

As a contributor, he wrote an article back in 2017 on Huffpost, sharing his struggles and hardships that he went through in the past.

And to say the least, the article is wonderful in itself. But here is a part of it as we feel this is a story worth giving a read.

Richard Fowler's Story

"For a long time, I hid my true self from the public." Fowler wrote in the article mentioning the morning of Trump's presidential inauguration. 

He shared how strongly he felt the need to empower and how he had to prove those wrong who had thought that Trump's victory would push people like him "back to the closet."

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But gladly, if anything it did do, it gave Fowler immense strength to accept who he was and face a world "full of judgment, stereotypes and false notions."

He also mentioned how telling one's story isn't the same for all.

Richard Fowler With Joe Biden

Richard Fowler With Joe Biden (Source Facebook)

Different people have come from diverse backgrounds. While some have economic privilege, some don't. 

If we truly want to turn the tide and improve the lives of black queer folks across this country, we all must unite together and commit to telling the entirety of our stories – every chapter.

He wrote. With the openness of his reality, people are now pretty sure they can drop their concern regarding his wife.  

The way he thinks and portrays his liberal thoughts through his words is truly impressive. His understanding of real-world problems is the knowledge that everyone should have and learn. 

Richard Fowler now runs his weekly radio show while working as a contributor in news platforms and actively works as an activist.