Ryan Harrison’s Mysterious Love Life- Has a Girlfriend?

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Ryan Harrison’s Mysterious Love Life- Has a Girlfriend?

The secretive tennis player Ryan Harrison has mesmerized millions with his sportsmanship.

He goes hardly unnoticed with the craft he executes on-screen combined with his undeniable charm.

However, has any woman managed to steal his heart? He must have at least had a girlfriend. Let your curiosities be answered. 

Is Mercy Cornwell Ryan Harrison's Girlfriend? 

Since the 2021 Netflix series 'Dive Club' aired, Ryan has shared many scenes with actress Mercy Cornwall. 

Fans of the 'Dive Club' series put together both of them as the best couple. Moreover, Ryan and his girlfriend have been hinting about their relationship on Instagram

The pair have posted adorable pictures of them together, and the fans are going crazy over them. They love the chemistry the two have. 

In September 2021, Mercy made a post where Ryan grabbed her waist and kissed her forehead. They looked fantastic together. 

Ryan Harrison with his girlfriend

Ryan Harrison and His Girlfriend At a Party (Source: Instagram)

Someone even commented "adopt me" in the Instagram post sarcastically, indicating that they look the best together and should be a couple.

They haven't officially stated that they are publicly dating. However, looking at their Instagram posts, they sure are hanging out a lot together.

Ryan and his girlfriend have neither confirmed nor denied the speculations made on their relationship. But, whether in a relationship or not, they sure are good friends, even off-screen.

All the fans are already assuming that they are in a relationship. Nonetheless, fans are demanding confirmation from both the stars.

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Besides Mercy, Ryan has been with other women in the past but never reached the point of the wedding. Although he hasn't shared details about them, we find evidence indicating his romantic history.

Mysterious Women In The Past

Around 2016, Harrison posted a picture of him with a beautiful woman named Hayley attending the Sydney Film Festival

There wasn't anything suspicious about the picture. However, people have started wondering about her identity when reading the caption, if she is his girlfriend, fiance, or even wife. 

In the caption, he referred to her as "my lady," which sounded like something was going between them. However, the tennis player has already deleted the post now.

Nevertheless, he never really talked about her or mentioned her identity in any way.

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Again, in 2020, he made a post that raised suspicions and increased the fans' curiosity. 

There was a picture of him with a girl he kissed on the forehead in the now-deleted post. Moreover, his caption was a red heart emoji. 

A fan had commented, "Oh wow. What a team" However, Ryan hasn't made it clear that he was in a romantic relationship with her or not.

After that post, we cannot see her anywhere on his social media. Furthermore, Ryan has never confirmed anything about his dating life or having any girlfriends in the past. 

His dating history and love life are mysterious, making the fans more excited to know about his girlfriends and past relationships. 

Besides his love life, Ryan also hasn't revealed much about his family. However, we have collected bits and pieces of information about his siblings. 

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The Harrison Siblings

Ryan grew up fighting and nagging with his sister, Georgia Harrison. But, besides growing up together, they have also worked together professionally.

Ryan Harrison With His Sister

Ryan Harrison With His Sister (Source: Instagram)

They are making their parents proud by leading a successful life. Georgia worked as a head writer in the recent Netflix series 'Dive Club.'

Yes, it is the same series where Ryan flaunts his charm and impresses fans with his performance.

Besides his sister, he has posted about a guy he claims to be his brother. The person's name is Nathan Hunt. 

However, their last names aren't the same, so it is clear that they aren't siblings.

Although Ryan Harrison has kept his admirers curious about his personal details, his professional accomplishments that have peaked at heights keep his fans hooked.