Does Shayne Smith Really Have a Wife?

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Shayne Smith who has long been speculated to be gay, was once to marry a woman back in 2015 so the question remains if he actually has a wife now.
Does Shayne Smith Really Have a Wife?

The super hilarious Shayne Smith has over the years captivated a large mass of audience primarily due to his amazing humor and a rib-tickling online persona. 

A handsome face, poised personality, sexy-looking tattoos, and a great sense of humor, Smith sure is a dream man for many; however, sorry to break a few hearts, but by the looks of it, your dream man might just be married now. 

Who Is Shayne Smith's Wife?

Shayne grew up in the industry getting intimidated by the other comedians as his style was kind of different from other comedians. 

The American stand-up comedian has a goofy side to him that got instantly recognized and widely loved back in early 2015. Life has been rewarding for him since then, and likewise, there is an ample number of women just wanting to be the special someone in his life to share giggles and smiles with him. 

However, Smith, is already booked and a committed man, as it seems. Well, we are sure of it. As per an article named Slug Mag that dates back to August 14, 2015, he was thinking about marriage, 

"He’s about to get married to the love of his life, Erica, so at the moment he’s concentrating on that."

On that note, it looks like Smith does have a love of his life named Erica, and she must be his wife now. However, little to no information surrounds Shayne's life regarding this matter. 

Maybe they did not get married, or perhaps the goofy comedian has successfully kept the details of his marriage a secret. 

All and all, the funny personality has occasionally mentioned details of his wife. Well, it might not be romantic and awesome but it sure is hilarious. 

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Taking to his Twitter in early January 2017, he made a tweet that, well, we can't explain in words, here you judge for yourself. 

Shayne Smith's Tweet Mentioning His Wife

Shayne Smith's Tweet Mentioning His Wife (Source Twitter

Nop! not even going to explain that. 

While one would guess that Smith's married life is flourishing, but a particular tweet made by him over a year ago has made us question our views. 

The original tweet by the user is now deleted; however, his reply to the tweet is still evident. He wrote, 

"Guide me through another divorce baby I’m still learning"

Due to the unavailability of the context, not much can be said about the conversation; however, "another divorce" is what has caught our attention. 

So could it be that he divorced his wife that he was to marry back in 2015? The question shall remain unanswered until Smith sheds a clear light on the matter. 

However, interestingly Smith is quite vocal when mentioning his gay rumors and making tweets regarding the matter, which are not the ones to be missed. 

Is Shayne Smith Gay?

Smith is speculated to be gay at times, and considering the tweets and quotes he makes regarding the matter, the speculation does not seem far-fetched. 

Recently, he made a hilarious tweet comparing how people perceive him with a man to a woman. He went ahead to express that even if he were gay with a man, people would see it as them being good friends, and on the contrary, if he were with a girl (a friend), people would presume him to be hooking up with her. 

It's unclear if Smith was being serious especially given his nature not much can be formulated through his tweet. 

Smith, age 34, now lives a life bringing smiles and laughter to people's lives and, over the years, he has successfully catered to making millions of fans through his content. 

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Shayne Smith's Net Worth 

Compared to megastars in the American stand-up industry, Smith is still a newbie. But it's impressive how early he has made a mark for himself in this hard-earned career. 

In an Interview with Gore Mutual in early 2020, he had revealed that he earned more than $10,000 a year, but he was not rich by any means whatsoever. 

He started his career with stand-up at Wiseguys Comedy Club in 2014; he has worked for Prison for Wizards, Comedy and Other Opinions, Wiseguys Sunday Night Special, and many such comedy clubs. 

With the recognition he has gained over the years, Smith has accumulated net worth ranking up to a six-figure range.