Spike Lee's Resounding Family Life with His Wife & Kids

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Spike Lee's Resounding Family Life with His Wife & Kids

From being a music director to a college professor, Spike Lee is a multi-millionaire genius.

With an amazing career following an amazing family life with his wife, Lee has achieved, one may say, a dreamer’s life.

With many questions in mind, let’s answer the first one,

Who Is Spike Lee's Wife?

Spike is married to his beautiful wife, Tonya Lewis, who belongs to an African American ethnicity, and is a lawyer by profession.

Meeting her in 1992 at a Congressional Black Caucus dinner for the first time, Lee was head over heels for his partner from the start.

Spike Lee with his wife and kids

Spike with his wife and kids (Source: s.yimg)

Both dressed all elegant and formal at the event, the couple’s first interaction consisted of questioning from Spike’s side; the partner stated,

“We walked past each other. Spike circled back around and proceeded to give me the third degree. ‘Are you an actress? A model? A singer? Who are you here with? What do you do? Do you have a boyfriend?’”

Even though the couple belonged to different fields of work, the star duo was attracted to each other immediately.

However, as husband Lee partly belongs to the entertainment industry, so does his wife, Tonya.

Married in 1993 in New York, the power duo has collaborated on the Netflix series 'She’s Gotta Have It.'

From husband Lee wanting his wife’s perspective in the series to wife Lewis supporting the star, this duo is absolutely GOALS!!

Adding to their amazing married life and expanding their family from two to four, the star pair welcomed two beautiful babies into the world.

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Giving birth to daughter Satchel Lee and son Jackson Lee, the smart siblings are leading their family’s legacy.

Spike Lee's Kids

Let's start with his daughter. She became the creative director for DRØME, which highlights queer culture and fashion, soon after finishing college,  

Satchel Lee opened up about fashion choices queer women make to identify with the community.

She stated,

“I'm bisexual, but I think I read as straight.” 

"So for me, my outfit doesn't have to look like anything for anybody else, but when I look at myself, I need to feel like I know who I really am.”

Moving on, Lee's son, Jackson Lee, prefers to be behind the camera as a filmmaker.

But this changed when the star’s son launched his own production company Indigo 212.

But how can the star kids fill their parent's shoes?

Talking about filling the shoe, the star sibling may have overflown them by getting chosen as the first color siblings to receive Golden Globe Awards.

Aside from his amazing family life with his children and partner, there are questions regarding the star’s net worth and speculations regarding his sexuality, with questions like 'Is Spike Lee Gay?'

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The director has not come up with any statement regarding his sexuality, so the rumors cannot tag him as a gay man.

If we are talking about the community, Lee’s daughter identifies as a queer.

Spike Lee’s Net Worth and Earnings

Keeping his townhouse which is situated on the Upper East Side of New York, on sale.

The star director has marked his house for $32 Million, raising Lee’s amazing net worth immensely.

With a great line of work as a director and professor, he has accumulated a net worth of $50 Million.

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