Tommy Chong- A Loving Husband and a Doting Father

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Tommy Chong- A Loving Husband and a Doting Father

Canadian-American personal Tommy Chong is one with many arrows in his quiver. 

This outstanding talent is known for 'Cheech & Chong' for portraying Cheech Marin.

He began his acting career in the early 80s, and ever since, he has enjoyed a glorious career complemented well by a happy family life that includes his wife and his daughter. 

He also gained a lot of prominence and notoriety from his role in Fox's 'That '70s Show.'

Now, in his 80s, he is still a force to be reckoned with, and his talent and charisma have just gone stronger over the years. 

Tommy Chong's Daughter and Family

Chong was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and later became a United States citizen in his late 80s. 

He was born on May 24, 1938, to his mother, a Scotch-Irish Canadian, and his father, a Chinese Canadian. 

He grew up with an older brother Stan who sadly passed away in 2019. Although his professional acting career rose during the 80s, he had been working two decades earlier. 

Since the 1960s, he had been heavily involved in music and released a song in 1965 named "Does Your Mama Know About Me" that ranked number 29 on Billboard Hot 100. 

While these are the details of his life, we need to discuss what life is like for him now, especially one surrounded by his lovely wife, daughter, and a happy family. 

Tommy Chong has been married to his beautiful wife, Shelby Fiddis, for a long time now, as long as almost five decades. 

His marriage spans just as long as much of his career in Hollywood. 

The two got married in 1975, and the pair shares three kids, two sons, Paris and Gilbran, and a daughter Precious Chong. 

But this was not the dead-end to the couples having a family. Instead, they decided to adopt a child named Marcus Wyatt. 

Tommy's married life with Shelby is surely fulfilling, but having said that, he has had his share of failures in marriage before.

What Happened to His First Marriage?

There is a lot to Chong's personal life and relationships that most don't know of.

He was first married to Maxine Sneed. The two got married in 1960, and their marriage lasted for a good decade. The two welcomed a daughter named Robbi Chong. 

Tommy Chong with his daughter Rae Dawn Chong

Tommy Chong with his daughter Rae Dawn Chong (Source: Twitter)

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Although the exact reason for their split is unknown, it isn't hard to guess that it was infidelity on Tommy Chong's part. 

Tommy was in an affair with his ex-girlfriend Abigail when he was still married to Maxine, and he had his daughter named Rae Dawn Chong with Abigail when he was still with his first wife.

Maxine, later on, raised Rae. Despite whatever went down in his past relationships, his marriage now seems amazing. 

Tommy shares much of his life on his social media, and he, along with his wife, indulges in making lots of fun and humorous videos together. 

The laughter and goofiness shared in the videos show how much in love the two are.

Tommy now has extended his title from husband and father to grandparent. Tommy and Shelby are both grandparents, and they seem to spend a lot of time with kids and grandkids.

Moreover, all of Tommy's kids have pursued a career in acting, and let's hope the acting career turns out well for them, able to keep up with the legacy of their amazing and talented father.