Multi-Millionaire Hip-Hop Star Twista's Real Name & Net Worth

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Multi-Millionaire Hip-Hop Star Twista's Real Name & Net Worth

Nothing can beat the 90’s amazing music and hip-hop beats. Twista, belonging to the same time and genre, has made a multi-million dollars net worth empire through his records.

Apart from the star’s amazing career, the fandom is curious about his personal life, including “What is Twista's Real Name?” and even his romantic life.

Does Twista Have a Wife?

The rapper was previously married to his former wife, Rashida Mitchell.

All the details regarding the star’s wedding and how the couple fell for each other or met are kept away from the media’s limelight.

Apart from the hidden details, married in the year 1991, the couple had a beautiful daughter named Aaliyah Mitchell on 1994.

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Five years into the marriage on 1996, the couple decided to separate, and Rashida filed for divorce in 1999.

In the heat of the divorce and ongoing child support case, Mitchell stated,

“He would come in court with phony check stubs showing that he made about $2,000 a month. The court ordered Twista to pay me $100 a week in 1999.”

After a year, the court decided to up the child support to $460 a month.

Addressing the situation, the star’s former wife claimed,

“Right now he is two months behind”

During the ongoing trial, the star’s lawyer claimed,

“the check is in the mail.”

“This man is a loving father,”

“'He is not a malfeasance or deadbeat parent. He told me that his daughter means the world to him.”

While the former couple was going through their divorce, Mitchell decided to publish an article through The Chicago Sun regarding the star, stating.

“Her father is Twista, although he has not given her the life that she deserves.” 

Soon after the article was published, the singer’s attorney filed an emergency petition for a restraining order against Mitchell.

The restraining order was confirmed, which resulted in Rashida being barred from talking to the press about her divorce and her former husband.

Recently on 2021, there was a viral TikTok where a woman named Sparkle Cahtour claimed herself to be the singer's alleged daughter.

The star singer has not commented or made any statements regarding these claims, but the alleged daughter opened up in one of her alleged father's shows.

And also, on her TikTok, she shared one of her traumatic experiences regarding assault during the same time.

There have been zero statements regarding the situation after the viral TikTok video.

Twista's Net Worth and Earnings

Going on tours for his millions of fans, the star singer, also known as Carl Terrell Mitchell, has managed to raise his net worth constantly.

Twista's Tour Announcement

Tour Announcement (source: Instagram)

With his ongoing tour all the way till January 13th, 2023, the star has more than three hundred thousand people alert for these shows, which will surely add up massively to his net worth.

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Standing tall at the height of 1.74 m, the star also has 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify, adding a massive chunk to the listening world and his net worth.

While streaming from various platforms and other streams of income, the star has managed to accumulate a massive net worth of $7 Million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Celebrating his birthday on November 27, the rapper has now reached the age of 48 and is still going strong in the industry with his admirable art. Stay with us for more updates regarding the star’s personal and professional life.