Awesome Swimmer Nathan Adrian: Is He Dating Someone? Or Is He Gay?

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Five gold medals in Olympics is not a joke; conditions apply though in the case of Michael Phelps who has twenty-eight in his bags. Forget Phelps for the time being; Nathan Adrian currently, holds the American record in the long course 50-meter freestyle event. However, is he equally successful in his personal life? Is he dating someone and what about if he is gay? Let's find out.
Awesome Swimmer Nathan Adrian: Is He Dating Someone? Or Is He Gay?

The five-time gold medalist, American swimmer Nathan Adrian competed back in 2008, 2012 and 2018 which earned the medals. And now, he is fierce to set his record once again in 2020 Summer Olympics.

While he has a goal set on his mind, the newly married Nathan is fighting with testicular cancer, but he is determined to enlist his name in the coming Olympic. On the hardest time, his fiancee turned wife has been the ultimate support for the aspiring swimmer.

Dating Amid Gay Rumors; Engagement Plans!

While his intimate dating life was getting gay rumors, the Olympian Swimmer was embracing on the romantic dating life beautiful girlfriend Hallie Iverster whom he met at a game night back in 2011.  

The couple belonged to the different college which Hallie described as the enemies. 

When they first met, Nathan had graduated from Cal' and Hallie from Stanford. Co-incidentally, she was in the diving team whereas he was in the swimming team. 

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Though their world was similar, the couple never met through that. But when Hallie went to a game night, they ended in falling in love. The couple casually dated for several years and then later realized that they are perfect for each other.

Nathan, who belongs to Asian-American ethnicity, had to wait several months before popping the question. Firstly, Nathan asked Hallie's mother to investigate her ring's preference.

Then, he turned his girlfriend to fiancee after popping the question in the romantic beach in North California back in May 2017. The swimmer instantly Instagrammed the picture with the biggest announcement saying, "she's all mine boys!"

Following their engagement, the couple expressed that they couldn't wait for more to spend their life together. 

Wedding Bliss; Wife Supports, Battle With Cancer

After a year of getting engaged, Nathan and his fiancee Haille are proud to call themselves as husband and wife!

In an outdoor wedding ceremony, the couple tied the nuptials in front of their friends and family in Napa Valley, California on 15 September 2018. Nathan Instagrammed multiple pictures from the special moment after getting married marking the picture as the "best day of my life."

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Nathan Adrian, wife Hallie Ivester exchanged their wedding vows (Photo: Hallie Ivester's Instagram)

The couple walked down the aisle covered with the white rose petal after exchanging the sacred vows. Then the newlywed couple departed on a white 1960's Bentley with a "Just Married" plate and flower decoration.

While the couple had just exchanged the vows of staying together in happiness and sickness three months back, Nathan was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

The 30-year-old swimmer had visited the doctor after he found the uneasiness with his body. So, after the routine check-ups, the doctor came with the result that the cancer is in the early stage and is highly curable.

During this hard time, his wife has been the ultimate support and is expected to be in the water in a few weeks. Also, he has set his eyes to compete in the 2020 Summer Olympics.