Is Cynthia Erivo Still Dating Her Actor Boyfriend? Has An Eye On Awards Instead of Getting Married?

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Is Cynthia Erivo Still Dating Her Actor Boyfriend? Has An Eye On Awards Instead of Getting Married?

"The Color Purple" actress Cynthia Erivo is someone who needs no second introduction, as she has not been short of fame and recognition in her career, both in the music as well as the acting industry. But apart from her career, she is a successful woman regarding her personal life as well.

However, is she still dating her boyfriend that she was in a relationship some while back? Or have they parted ways? The fans would also like to know about the marital aspect of this woman as they hold deep curiosity of whether or not, she has someone in her life who she is married to and calls her husband. Well, if you desire to know the answers to those queries, you've hit the right place!

Cynthia Erivo Still With her Boyfriend? Parted Ways? Married?

Cynthia Erivo was involved in a love relationship with fellow British actor Dean John-Wilson. Dean plays the lead role in "Aladdin" at Prince Edward Theatre. Cynthia, back in 2016, attended the opening night of her boyfriend, Dean in the West End production's Disney project.

Caption: Cynthia Erivo and her boyfriend Dean John-Wilson all loved up at London's "Aladdin" opening night in June 2016.

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The relationship between them has always been something which has been kept far from the knowledge of the fans and the media, so the exact date as to when they started dating one another remains confined to the couple.

But are they still together?

This is something that the fans and people, in general, are curious to know about, as they have not been spotted anywhere lately, raising the speculations among people that they have parted ways from one another.

However, there are no such reports, which possibly conclude; they might still be together but might be willing to keep things to themselves, which they are entitled to do. 

So let us hope that either of them comes forth and addresses the curiosity of the fans.

Moreover, there are no revelations of them getting married and sharing a husband-wife relationship, which depicts that the duo is not in a rush to tie the knot. Perhaps, both of them are focused on their careers for now and have plans for the future.

Cynthia-The Tony Award Winner:

In 2016, Cynthia won the "Tony Award" for her performance in Broadway's "The Color Purple," and in an interview in 2016, she said, that the win had not sunk in,

"Give me a couple of months and maybe it will be a second nature thing," 

Also, speaking of her role in the very project, she said,

"It's been incredible - the journey that we've had and I've been able to take has been nothing like I could ever imagined. And I'm really pleased to have been able to do it with this character as I don't think I would have experienced it that way without it," 

She knows that she has done her talents and abilities some major justice, and is not just done as of yet as with the Tony win. She is moving ever so close to other major silverwares and major awards in her decorated career.

More About Cynthia Erivo.

Born on January 8, 1987, in London, Cynthia Erivo is a British actress, who is famously known for her role in "The Color Purple." She is equally noted for her musical career with songs like "Fly Before You Fall," "I'm Here," and plenty more.

In recent news, it was reported that Erivo is set to star in the role of Harriet Tubman in an Upcoming Biopic, Macro/New Ballon’s upcoming film "Harriet." Seith Mann is scheduled to direct the movie.

She has often been vocal about gay people on social medias. However, none of them are presented in a despising manner for the gay community, neither she hints on supporting them.

Similarly, she is equally known for her cool hairstyle which keeps on changing with time.


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Some people have often criticized her blonde looks, and she has also addressed those criticisms. In an interview, she said,

"Some people like it; some people hate it. I don't care either way. I did it because I really wanted people to see my face. The thing about me and having dark hair is I felt like I was hiding and the white hair feels like a light bulb,"

She added,

"You can't miss me. I just stopped being afraid of my face. My hair was really long and I just want to spend less time doing it and have you see my face. Never want to hide behind hair. It's fun and easy to dress."

People should appreciate the things she has done in the industry, and not lash at her for how her looks change from time to time.

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