Danielle Staub Husband, Daughter, Now

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Danielle Staub Husband, Daughter, Now

Wedding bells were on the way and were about to be rung on Danielle Staub’s wedding of which we were soon to hear about.

The two-time divorcee thought that she was ‘finally happy,' with her military man. Even though she managed to get her boyfriend down to his knees; Danielle could not succeed to walk down the aisle.

And, now she has someone else to do that job!

Danielle Got Engaged To Navy Seal Boyfriend:

The famous TV personality Danielle Staub was a step closer to walking down the aisle as she was engaged to her boyfriend-turned-fiancé former Navy SEAL Joe Masalta, who currently serves as a President at the Veterans Continued Service. 

In mid-2015, Danielle changed her Facebook status from single to engaged, and that is how the media got wind of her engagement. At that time, while expressing her feelings, she said;

'I am overwhelmed and incredibly grateful for the outpouring of well wishes and support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Joseph has helped me recognize the important things in life."

She continued,

'I feel like a big weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, and I am finally happy.'

The fact that Danielle has two children from her previous marriage was not a matter of issue in her relationship with Joe because he too has two children, a son and a daughter from his past relationship.

However, just months after her relationship status changed on Facebook; it broke again, and Joe Masalta was addressed as her 'ex.' The exact reason for the split is not mentioned, but the couple reportedly split during late 2015. 

The couple, who met on Tinder split just months after being engaged. On January 2016, an audio tape filled with racist rant was viral on the internet which was allegedly recorded by Joe Masalta and was posted by Radar Online

It is not sure why Joe recorded the rant and gave it to the media, but it might be related to causing defamation to Staub as a rant like that is useful to nobody that implies that the split was not an amicable one.

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However, without a face, it cannot be confirmed that Staub was the one who uttered all of the words because a recording can always be altered, but the majority of people claim that it is Staub’s voice for sure.

Despite a broken engagement, Danielle had some pretty severe problems back in her past when Teresa Guidice Branded her as a prostitute, a cast member of Real Housewives of New Jersey after they got into a heated argument, but she has already admitted that she dated men for money but never was paid for having sex.

Danielle Staub's Failed Marriage:

Her first marriage was with Kevin Maher. However, her Wiki concludes that her wedding with Kevin was not legally registered so, their marriage technically never existed in the view of the law.

However, in 2010, Kevin revealed that he was married to another woman when he married Danielle Staub and that the relationship only included sex, drug, and physical violence. He also stated that they met each other at a cocaine party. In his statement, he gave to radaronline.com on September 1, 2010, he said;

“Throughout our entire relationship from the very first day I met Danielle Staub till the end, there was cocaine involved just about every day of our lives."

He also revealed that he only married Danielle because of the fear that it would break her probation terms as she was hanging out with him, a convicted felon. The relationship that the couple shared was very aggressive and full of abusive in every manner and that Danielle was a nymphomaniac and wanted to be intimate in anywhere and in any way she could. 

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The whole statement was in response to Danielle's lawsuit with include serious allegation being raped, having a gun put into her private parts and she also accused Kevin of killing her dog. 

However, Kevin vehemently denied that accusation and stated that he was never the aggressor and used to defend himself from harm. He said,

“The woman is a violent, aggressive woman. And she’s 5 foot 7 tall. And when that woman came at you, I defended myself. I cannot recall a time where I hit her that I was not defending myself."

Kevin continued,

“I know we would get physical. I know I would take her down to the floor and try to hold her down, and she was kicking, scratching, biting. She took a knife and cut me…I’ve never punched her with a closed fist. I open-hand slapped her. I did pretty much- I think my biggest routine with her was I mushed her. I would grab her face and push her away from me. But I never was the aggressor in any altercations that I ever had with that woman.”

Thomas N. Staub with his two daughters from his marriage with Danielle Staub (Photo credit: realitytea.com)

Moving on from that, Danielle married her now ex-husband Thomas N. Staub, the vice-president of sales and operation at Gym Source, (1993-2007) with whom she had two daughters.

Dating, Engaged, Married, And Divorced Again

Danielle Staub was dating a man named Marty Caffrey and photos of the couple together could frequently be seen on her social accounts, and the couple celebrated Christmas together too in 2016. 

While most of Danielle's fans were assuming that the pair were only dating casually, the relationship turned severe soon, and by May 2017, the reality star and her boyfriend were engaged. After the engagement, Danielle mentioned that Marty was the perfect man for her and that she was a lucky woman to have found him.

The couple got engaged again in 2018, this time on camera while appearing on one of the episodes of RHONJ. A wedding soon followed for the lovely duo as they got married on 5 May 2018. 

Danielle Staub with her husband, Marty Caffrey at their wedding on 5 May 2018 (Photo: Dailymail.co.uk)

However, after the marriage, the relationship between the husband and wife turned sour, and soon they were at each other's backs. Marty filed for divorce after a few months of getting married, and the former pair were legally separated in February 2019. 

Set To Marry New Fiance

Danielle isn't a woman to stay single for long, and she has proved it time and again. Soon after her divorce with Marty, she started dating a man named Oliver Maier. Oliver serves as the managing director of a company called Speyside Equity.

The duo had first been introduced to each other in October 2018 via mutual friends and had gone romantic after Danielle's divorce.

Danielle and Oliver also took a vacation to the Cheval-Blanc Maison located in St. Barth. During their visit, Oliver decided to take a step further in their relationship and proposed Danielle with the intention of marrying her.

Danielle Staub with fiance Oliver Maier at St. Barth in February 2019 (Photo: Danielle Staub's Instagram)

The reality star immediately affirmed to his sweet gesture, making the couple bound by love and engagement. Moreover, the newly engaged duo is set to get married on a Monday in March 2019; however, the exact date and venue are yet to be decided.

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Danielle's ex-husband Marty - who still shares a home with his former wife - expressed his surprise over her engagement but wished her well for a brighter future.

Danielle could be seen in the Real Housewives of New Jersey until 2018. However, it is unknown what she is doing now professionally. Her salary is also not discussed during her time at the show, and that leads to her undisclosed net worth.