Adrianne Curry: Divorced With Husband in Wedding Anniversary, Who's Her Boyfriend Now?

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Adrianne Curry: Divorced With Husband in Wedding Anniversary, Who's Her Boyfriend Now?

No matter how positive you are towards your life, not all the things can work in one's favor. Life is a roller-coaster and so is love. You fall in love with a person in a blink of an eye, and the sweet feeling can end in another blink. However, life goes on.

Today, we will be talking about American Model and television personality Adrina Curry’s marital relation, which had ended on her fifth wedding anniversary.

Caption: Adrianne Curry with her then-husband Christopher Knight.


Unfair Married life for Curry leads to Divorce:

America’s Next Top Model’s first winner, Adrianne Curry, married The Brady Bunch actor Christopher Knight on May 29, 2006. Curry and Knight first met each other in the year 2004 during the fourth season of VH1's "The Surreal Life." As housemates, their TV romance  flourished and eventually turned into engagement later, thanks to their VH1 spin-off series, which they had cashed in because of their high ratings and buzzing romance on "The Surreal Life."

Caption: Adrianne Curry proposed by Christopher Knight.

Citing irreconcilable differences as the reason, Adrianne divorced with her husband Christopher in the year 2011 in their fifth wedding anniversary. Later, their manager Phil Viardo announced the news through He said,

'After starting a relationship with what seemed to be irreconcilable differences, the couple has reached a period where those differences are no longer appreciated'

The decision about the separation was made with mutual consent. For Christopher, it was his third marriage with Adrianne while Christopher was Adrianne’s first husband.

Betrayed by Boyfriend turned Gay

After separating with her husband Christopher, she started dating Todd Ray in 2013. Ray is the producer of “The Jace Hall Show.”  Not much about their relationship is revealed, but in March 2015, Adrianna was interviewed on the online talk show "The Attack" where she revealed that she found out that Todd was cheating on her and was moreover gay. According to her, they dated for two years, and she found cryptic emails which were apparently info for having a 'Threesome' in his car with two other men and even confirmed that she had screenshots for proof.

From dating Actors to Gamers

The love, however, is yet to disappear from Adrianne Curry’s life.

And it seems that she has found new love again. After following her Instagram account and Twitter, it's very clear that she is now dating gamer/streamer Matthew W Rhode, @TheMatthewRhode also known by his gamer/streamer tag Ducksauce. Likewise, Rhode, as well as Adrianne, have addressed that they are dating multiple times.

Both Adrianne and Matthew post each other's images all the time on their respective social media, and Adrianne has even been on his stream multiple times enjoying games with Matthew as well as attending annual streamer's event Twitchcon with Matthew. So, probably, Curry must have broken up with Todd. 



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Caption: Adrianne Curry reminiscing her relationship with Ducksauce


Kicking it at #twitchcon with my lovely lady.

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Caption: Presenting Ducksauce with his 'lovely lady' at Twitchcon 2016.

Ducksauce meets America's first Top Model

His official website had a bit to say this about their first meeting. Take your time to read if you are a fan.

After a month on the west coast, he met TV star/model Adrianne Curry while she was broadcasting on Twitch. They teamed up in both romance and business to form a gaming power couple. They now share a home and work with one another on branding, new media, and television projects.

About Matthew 'DuckSauce' Rhode:

We know a bit about Adrianne but what about her fated one? Matthew Rhode is no small fry when it comes to reputation and in the gaming/streaming community, his reputation eclipses many others. 

Born on 19th April 1982 In Louisville, Kentucy, Rhode was an avid gamer since he was a child. After finishing high school, retaining his love for video games, Rhode found his calling in the Show Biz. He moved to New York and started taking Acting classes and enrolled himself into The Neighbourhood Playhouse School Of Theatre. While acting was initially his dream, and something he found success in, getting involved in Tv Commercials and such sorts, he found himself as a Voice over talent when he visited his agent's office, and the head of the Voice-over division heard him and signed him over.

With his deep resonating voice he has successfully grabbed works in various movies and games and has even worked as a voice narrator for movie trailers of movies such as 'Logan' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean. However, his true worth lies in his personality, and any viewer on his stream could honestly attest to this fact.

With his charming, humble personality as well as a knack for liking the unexpected, Matthew Rhode A.K.A 'DuckSauce' has always been a fan favorite, especially on global video gaming stream website ''  With over 22 million total views on his channel and thousands of subscribers as well as followers he is loved by many and has been giving his fans good content for a long time now. You can view more of his antics on his Twitch stream.

Caption: A compilation of moments from DuckSauce's stream.

Adrianne's Short Bio:

Born on August 6, 1982, Adrianne Marie Curry is an American model who is the first winner (2003) of the reality television series America's Next Top Model. She is also popular for appearing on VH1's reality show “My Fair Brady.” 

She has modeled for several magazines like Life & Style Weekly, OK!, Maxim, People, and much more. In the year 2014, she was named one of "the top ten most famous cosplayers." In the year 2015, she had a cameo in “Tales of Halloween.” 
Recently she seems to focus less on her acting or modeling and more on gaming, even