Alisha Newton had a Boyfriend When She Was Four?: Horse Lover TV Show Sensation

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Alisha Newton had a Boyfriend When She Was Four?: Horse Lover TV Show Sensation

It is surprising how the children actors in the films and television act to an equal level of their experienced senior co-stars like Alisha Newton. At just 15 years of the world, this horse-loving actor matches to the skills of her co-stars in her series, ‘Heartland’. She had spoken of her past relationship when she was 4.

Caption: Behind the scenes with Alisha Newton in Heartland 803, "Severed Ties."

Source: CBC

Her Childhood Boyfriend:

Alisha Newton was asked by a follower on Twitter if she had a boyfriend.

Newton replied, “I haven't I'm only twelve.” She also replied that she did have a boyfriend when she was 4 and that she was going to get married.

Newton’s tweet was clear enough to say that she does not have a dating history or at least not a very long one. She also stated that they were going to get married, like many kids want to at that age. But it is clear that Newton has already got her plate full from balancing her life between sets and horse farm.

The TV Star:

She had already started to appear in TV commercials at 4 years of age. She began to audition for films and series 4 years later where she discovered her passion. She received her career’s boost when she was selected for the role of young Annabeth Chase in the 2013 movie, ‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’.

She also got the opportunity to play the lead role in the TV series, ‘Heartland’ as Georgina Crawley. She plays the role of a smart, tough, and rebellious orphan teenager who runs away from every foster house. But as the TV show progresses she gets attached to the family in the series and starts changing her behaviors.

The Horse Lover:

She is also a horse lover and rider. Just her drama series that takes place in Heartland Ranch, horses are nothing uncommon for the young actor. But she had been accustomed to horses before ‘Heartland’. She had learned to ride a horse by riding a horse her grandmother had owned. She likes to keep herself busy in the barn tending and riding her horses. She is disciplined in both Eastern and Western forms and performs jumping and horsemanship. She is targeting to perform a three-day-eventing.

Even Her Twitter and Instagram accounts are flooded with posts related to horses.


#tb ???? Spring Break is here ???????????? Spring break plans?

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Happy Father's Day

She spares the rest of the time she has with friends, family and her parents.

Alisha Newton was born on July 22, 2001, in Vancouver, Canada. She is a talented actor who had appeared in an episode of ‘When Calls the Heart’ in 2015. She owns a horse called Aflame that she bought in June 2015. Since then she has had a very special bond with him.