Chandler Riggs, Proud of Her Girlfriend: Dating With Brianna Maphis

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Chandler Riggs, Proud of Her Girlfriend: Dating With Brianna Maphis

It is indeed sweet to have a loving companion at your teens. You share the happiness of your achievements and sadness of your failures. Today, we are talking about such couples who are now enjoying the beauty of their teenage love.


so proud of her

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Caption: Proud Girlfriend and Boyfriend

The walking dead’s actor, Chandler Riggs,17, is proud of his girlfriend, Brianna Maphis,18, because she completed her graduation. Apart from social networking and academics, Brianna loves acting. Brianna had taken part in the stage production of  Alice in Wonderland Jr. for her high school.

Though we don’t know exactly when Chandler started dating Brianna, looking at their post, we assume that the relation probably started more than a year ago.

It’s certain that this cute couple is enjoying their time with one another. They don't miss to wish each other in every small and big occasion. Similarly, they don’t even miss to click pictures and post them on the social sphere. 

Meanwhile, Girlfriend Brianna posted a cute picture on his birthday on June 27. 

Well, the list does not end here. The Instagram account of Chandler itself speaks about his affair with Brianna. While browsing through his Instagram, we found various pictures of these lovely people posing together. Now let’s see some the sweet pictures of our teenage heartthrob, Chocolaty Chandler and his gorgeous girlfriend, Brianna.

At a Prom Together:


prom was lit

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In awesome clothes at the weekend


HUGE thanks for @electricfamily for hooking us up with some awesome clothes for @okeechobeefest this weekend

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At the Osborne Lights


there were soo many hidden mickeys at the osborne lights

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They look cute together, don’t they? Let's hope that they will eventually get married. Moreover, we also hope to see them together in a movie soon as in real-life. 

Riggs's Short Bio:

Belonging to white ethnicity, Chandler Riggs, was born on June 27, 1999. He is best known for his character "Carl Grimes" in the horror drama television series “The Walking Dead (2010-present)”, and is still involved in it as a leading character.

He has been featured in movies such as Jesus H. Zombie (2009), Get Low (2009), The wronged man (2010), Terminus (2011) and Keep watching (2015).  Chandler has won Saturn Award thrice(2013/2015/2016)along with various other awards including Satellite Award and Young Artist Award.

Caption: Carl Grimes evolution from a normal boy to a cold personality, Carl Grimes' Tribute, The Walking Dead, 2014

Source: Mr. Donaught, Youtube