Chris Messina Is A Family Man Loves Women And His Wife Does Not Seem To Have A Problem; How?

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Chris Messina Is A Family Man Loves Women And His Wife Does Not Seem To Have A Problem; How?

Is being a family man and still loving women a right thing? Well, it just might be if your wife does not have a problem with that.

Chris Messina, the American actor we all find talented and sexy, is the person who has a wife and a family with him and still loves women. But the ultimate question is, how his wife does not have any problem with it?

Let's take a peek at the family life of Chris Messina to find that out!

Chris Messina's Married life with Wife.

Chris Messina surely is the man of a lot of women’s dream but the man is already taken and that too by an independent woman by the name Jennifer Todd.

You might not know her by her name, but her work inevitably defines her, as she has had her hands in the making of a lot of famous movies. His 47 years old producer wife has produced movies like Alice in Wonderland, Must Love Dogs and many other projects.

Caption: Chris Messina and wife Jennifer Todd at the Live By Night Premiere in 2017

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However, the couple has still not revealed if they have married each other, but the couple is addressed as husband and wife for some time now. From their low-key married life, the couple has got themselves two sons, who are completely out of media attention.

What Made Jennifer Todd Not Have Problem With Chris Loving Women?

In an interview some time back, Messina accepted that Chris loves other women. But before you bombard us with stuff like ‘how could you say this’ and all, take a closer look!

In that interview, Messina stated that he loves women because he feels comfortable working with them, but it’s not like he is dating anyone of them with intentions of turning them into his girlfriend.

Already a chick-magnet with those heart piercing looks, Messina also enjoys the company of female colleagues. He said while giving the interview a 'title,'

“I don’t know if women gravitate toward me, or I gravitate toward them, but if I could title this article one thing it would be: ‘Chris Messina Loves Women.”

Well, now we know why his wife does not have any problem with him liking female company because as professionals, work and personal lives are not mixed up.

If Hollywood couples started fighting over kissing scenes of their partner with anyone other than them, every marriage would fall apart, right?

Moreover, the fact that Messina has a wife, two children with her and loves women; again, not in a dating manner, surely has fended off any gay rumors that previously hit.

Chris Messina, at the moment, is quite busy in his personal life. The 47 years old, who stands at the height of 5ft and 9inches, is working on projects like Sharp Objects, We’re Just Married, and The Mindy Project.

He also has two projects, Too Long At The Fair and The True Adventure of Wolfboy post-production and pre-production respectively. His outstanding career has helped him in his finances as well; Chris, at this date, enjoys a net worth of $4 million.

Stay with us for future updates on Chris Messina!