Demetrius Ivory From WGN-TV - A Father To Twins And A Loving Husband To Reporter Wife

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Demetrius Ivory From WGN-TV - A Father To Twins And A Loving Husband To Reporter Wife

Does a perfect man exist; A man who is successful as well as a family material supports his wife and can keep up with family?

Well, you may say that such man does not exist, but Demetrius Ivory is here to change your thoughts. Ivory, a meteorologist from WGN-TV, is an ideal man who checks out the list of perfect fine men. Not only is he good at what he does, but he is also someone who keeps family life up close.

However, no one just stumbles upon such type of happiness just like that; everybody has their share of ups and downs, and Ivory is no different. Today, let’s learn in detail about the dad to twins and husband to a reporter wife!

Demetrius Ivory's Married Life With Wife:

Demetrius Ivory, age 42, is a married man and calls Erin McElroy his wife. Yes, the same Erin McElroy from WGN-TV who covers traffic.

The couple got married on December 21 of 2014, at the Salvage One in Chicago. The couple also had a special person as a photographer for their wedding ceremony, Amy Aiello, who previously used to work with WGN as a photographer.

Amy talked about the couple’s special day,

“There are so many wonderful memories from their big day, though one of my favorites came just after the ceremony. Erin’s Maid of Honor had a family emergency to attend to, but parted the reception by giving her speech. She gifted a clock to Erin and Demetrius, having stopped it the exact moment they were pronounced husband and wife. She presented the clock, inscribed with where the hour and minute hand would forever remain, leaving many in the room with teary eyes.”

Caption: Demetrius Ivory and Erin McElroy on their wedding day in December of 2014

Photo Credit: Amy Aiello

After the wedding, there comes another crucial step in every couple’s life, and that is starting a family of their own. However, that is where the couple faced a little trouble. To be honest, it was a dreadful situation for the couple.

Complications Before Twins!

The couple had some complications when it came to starting a family of their own. Ivory’s wife Erin had two pregnancies; however, the second one did damage that was serious and affected her chances of carrying a baby gravely.

The couple had clear instructions from the fertility doctors that wife Erin could get pregnant, but at the end, it wouldn’t matter because she would just miscarry it. The struggle went to a point where Erin’s mother volunteered to carry the baby for the couple, but even then, it couldn’t happen because willpower just couldn’t subside the physical conditions.

While there is always a way to getting what the heart desires, the couple became familiar with the in-vitro fertilization process. A large bag of medication was handed to the couple by the doctors; medication which would force Erin’s body to produce multiple eggs.

“This is our first baby bag, which has more medications than you could ever imagine. The scary part is this is only gonna take us through the first eight days -- $7,000 worth of drugs in this bag. We were doing two shots in the morning and three at night."

Caption: The couple finally received the good news.

Video Credit: WGN-TV

All the process made the couple grow closer because it was both of them who were suffering the cause. While the husband and wife were hurdling for having a baby, Erin still wished to be the one carrying the baby.

"As grateful as I am I wish I could be carrying our babies right now."

However, all the embryos made were destroyed.

Ivory expressed the moment,

“I can’t even describe that moment. When we found out that we lost all of them.”

They did not give hope although their funds which were not covered by insurance was lost. However, the couple landed their savings. With their 401k (A savings feature by an employer which piles with every salary ) gave their chances of having a baby another chance. This time, it was again four embryos of which only two survived for implantation.

As a joint vote of the surrogate and Erin, they decided to implant both embryos at once, despite Ivory saying that they should save one in case of a failure.

And then came the happy news that was doubled, as the doctor announced,

“You’re five weeks and six days pregnant today." 

The doctor revealed after the pregnancy announcement that there were two babies in the womb. Erin's and surrogate Jamie's decision indeed was pretty after all.

The surrogate, who carried the couple's twin babies, said,

“There are so many people out there that need help that are looking for someone to help them have a family. I had such a sense of pride and accomplishment. Their lives will be forever changed because I was able to help them.”

The two little angels were born on May 2, 2016, and Demetrius named them Harlow Winter and Hadley Walker, both of age one.

The baby duo witnessed their parent’s second marriage anniversary just months after their birth.