Does Lyndie Greenwood Have A Boyfriend? Looks To Be Too Busy To Be Dating Or Get Married Anytime Soon

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Does Lyndie Greenwood Have A Boyfriend? Looks To Be Too Busy To Be Dating Or Get Married Anytime Soon

Canadian film, theater and television actress Lyndie Greenwood is someone who knows what it is like to taste professional success in life. She has been able to do justice to her talents and abilities that have enabled her to earn a fair amount of respect and success in her professional life. But what goes in her personal life is still some mystery to her fans. Does she have a boyfriend in her life who she is dating? Is she married and has a husband secretly? We shall find out.

Has A Boyfriend Or Married Already? 

Someone as beautiful and famous as Lyndie Greenwood has been able to make her mark in the industry and there is no denying about that. But what goes in her love life is not clear to the people who adore her from the heart. As of now, people wonder if she has a boyfriend and if she does, is she planning on getting married?

Well, the answer to that still not made clear to the fans out there as she has not revealed herself to be dating anyone. Maybe she is not willing to show her personal relationships in front of the people who have a keen interest in her personal life.

As a public figure, it is normal for you to keep your private stuff to yourself and far from the eyes of media and the general public. Maybe she is just too busy making more name for her in her career.

She is also known to be someone who just loves traveling and adores pets.

If you follow Lyndie over on her social medias, she is seen to have a puppy by her side most of the times and can be seen even while she is traveling.


Dog Beach!!! #frenchies #photobomb ???? @leedoud

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So we might need to wait and see if she comes up with any revelations from her end regarding her love life which excite her fans.

A Short Bio Of Lyndie Greenwood:

Born on June 6, 1983, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Lyndie Greenwood is a Canadian actress best known for her works in  The CW's Nikita and  FOX's Sleepy Hollow, She also in trained in martial arts and that shows her external interests other than acting.

Many wonder what her ethnicity is and in an interview, she has been open about her ethnicity and revealed that she is of mixed ethnicity. She said,

“Well, I’m mixed.”

She also added,

“My mom is from the Caribbean. She’s from Tobago, and my father’s family is from England. But we’re all Canadian.”

So, despite the fact that she calls herself and her family Canadian, originally, her parents are not natives of Canada.