Dylan Ratigan Is Married With Beautiful Wife & Gay - Of The Other Kind

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Dylan Ratigan Is Married With Beautiful Wife & Gay - Of The Other Kind

American journalist, Dylan Ratigan is the prominent host of MSNBC’s The Dylan Ratigan Show and political commentator for The Young Turks.

While achieving the success in the industry, he was blessed with the supporting wife whom he claimed as the ultimate support of his life and career. The 46 aged author has many great things to talk about his wife; his wife changed his wife.

Gay Talks Amid Wife; Married Life Changed His Life

The former host of The Dylan Ratigan Show, Dylan Ratigan is the gay- marriage supporter who reported on the same-sex marriage which was enacted by the former President Barack Obama back in 2012. And speaking about the gay rights does not enlist his name on the gay people.

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In fact, he is happily married to his wife Carlota in December 2016. They have already celebrated their one year wedding anniversary together. On their one year wedding anniversary, Dylan took to twitter conveying a long anniversary message wishing his wife and expressing his love and feelings towards her. He quoted:

"I know for a fact that our strength together as a team in combination is the most powerful, most positive, most creative combining I have ever experienced in this world."

He further stated that his every breath sends the love to his wife with immense gratitude and respect. Also, he is grateful for her support and regards that his wife is credited for his successful career

"I loved you and still, love you like no other person ever in the history of this planet Carlota and you have changed my life forever."

Well after a week he shared his feeling towards his wife, he again took to Twitter on 31 December 2017- the day they actually were pronounced as husband and wife, with the glimpse of the picture as the 1st-anniversary gift.

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Dylan Ratigan wishing first wedding anniversary to wife (Photo: Dylan Ratigan's Twitter)

Dylan, who stands at the height of 6'2", seemed to be so content into his family life with his Spanish wife that he usually gushed that his wife made him the man he is today. On his wife's birthday, he tweeted wishing her birthday gushing that she has completely changed his life from the day she has entered into his life. He tweets:

"To my wife, Carlota..... Feliz Cumpleanos....You have permanently changed who I am as a person....Every feeling that I feel, every thought that I think, every decision that I make in every moment of every day is changed forever because you came into my life..."

While he keeps gushing about her wife on Twitter, he has not made his public appearance with his wife. Before indulging into the married life, he was in a serious relationship with the singer-songwriter Aprille Goodman and the former pair had also made their public appearance at "The 4th Annual CNBC Executive Leadership Awards" in 2008.

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Bio Includes Single Mother; Family

The TV journalist, Dylan Ratigan, who has not disclosed any information about his children, was raised by her single mother, Adrienne after his father abandoned the family. His mother took him away from his birthplace Saranac Lake, New York to Alaska.

Dylan's mother who later became the psychiatric social worker took him to different cities around the country searching for the job where Dylan and his mother finally settled in San Francisco.

The Union College graduate also is the author of 2012 best-selling book entitled Greedy Bastards. Moreover, he has also won a Gerald Loeb Award for his reporting work during the Enron scandal.

Dylan, who holds a net worth of $10 million, went to practice the journalism after graduation which gained his emmence fame.