Emma Balckery's Affair: Is She Still Dating Her Youtuber Boyfriend?

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Emma Balckery's Affair: Is She Still Dating Her Youtuber Boyfriend?

These days, the YouTube personalities are getting popular day by day.

Well, there so many YouTube stars who have made our day and have stolen our heart with their outstanding performances. And after watching their videos, we often end like them. In this regard, today we will be talking about the famous YouTube star Emma Blackery and her affair.

Are Emma & YouTuber Boyfriend Still Dating?

Emma Balckery started dating Luke Cutforth in April 2013, but they only publicized their relationship in October 2014. They were regarded as one of the adorable YouTube couples back then.

Life is not always full of joy and happiness. Not everything has a happy ending, right? Likewise, the affair of Emma Blackery and Luke Cutforth also had no happy ending.

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Well, they recently separated in 2016, and it doesn’t mean that they are not happy. The pair has decided to be cent percent pleased in the things that they have chosen to do.

Emma and Luke collaborate for a YouTube video (Photo:- YouTube.com)

Emma and Luke revealed the news about their break up by sharing a video. The ex-couple ended their three-year-long relation with a heavy heart, but not due to any misunderstandings.

According to Emma and Luke, they broke up because of their busy schedules. In the video they posted on May 14, 2016, they officially announced their break up before dedicating the video to their fans so that they will not feel sad by their break up. The couple said:

“We’re so good and we’re so cool and we’re so not, like, hating each other. We don’t hate each other at all. We think each other are fabulous and we just want the best for each other.”

They blamed their busy schedules for their breakup. Emma is now busy touring with British band Busted whereas Luke is busy filming a movie. Though they have ended their affair, they have decided to remain best friends.

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Emma too referred to Luke as her best friend via her Twitter. She said she will always love her best friend.

Reminisces Affair With Ex-Boyfriend On Twitter; Open To Dating Fans?

About four years have passed since the release on the now infamous video featuring Emma and her one-time boyfriend Luke.

The former flames have stuck to their words and while doing so fostered a healthy friendship. According to Emma's Twitter rhetorics, their relationship is the prime example of how exes can still remain friends.

Emma dishes out relationship advice (Photo:- Emma Balckery's Twitter)

In a thread that followed the said tweet, the YouTube star acknowledge that act of walking away may be easier said than done but with better communication, a lot could be achieved.

Dating a YouTuber is tough, but what about a fan?

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Emma's totally against it if one were to go by her tweets. Replying to Ocean's tweet, she wrote:

"I love your optimism but dating a fan is a really awful power balance in my opinion and I’m just not open to it, at all!"

Earlier in the Twitter exchange, the Brit claimed that she could never date anyone who had discovered her through her videos.

Emma Balckery’s Mini-Bio Including Net Worth

YouTube vlogger Emma Louise Blackery was born on 11 November 1991, Basildon, Essex, UK. She grew up alongside her half-siblings, Febe and Travis.

Emma learned to play guitar by herself. She grew up listening to Madonna and Michael Jackson. The YouTube sensation completed her schooling from The Bromfords School and attended SEEVIC College. She joined YouTube on May 13, 2012, and would go on a tour with pop artist Charlie Simpson three years later.

After gaining popularity for reading series of Fifty Shades of Grey, she has amassed 119 million views on her YouTube Channel and had over 1.2 million subscribers.

Today, she is one of the popular YouTube stars who is said to earning an incredible salary from her profession. However, her net worth has not been revealed yet.

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Emma makes her sizable income by advertising products as well as events via her social media presence. In her most recent Instagram post, she announced that she was "heading" to Tobacco Dock to see her favorite musician.

All this considered, the 26-year-old is as business shabby as they come!