Erica Mena's Ambiguous Sexuality: Straight or Lesbian?: List of Boyfriend and Girlfriend

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Erica Mena's Ambiguous Sexuality: Straight or Lesbian?: List of Boyfriend and Girlfriend

We’ve all witnessed the drama that went down surrounding the break up between rapper Bow Wow and Erica Mena (it was pretty ugly tbh), but Erica has always been able to confuse us over the course of time. Is she gay? Is she straight? Oh, the horror!

Mena has a fascinating history of relationships. Question: why only rappers Erica? She was seen with one rapper one day and next to the other. Sometimes with a guy and sometimes with a girl. Which proves that she is bisexual rather than just a lesbian.

So, how many boyfriends did she have? Let’s look at the history of Erica Mena’s relationships below

List of Erica Mena’s Relationship History (Boyfriend/Girlfriend):

Where do we even begin? (Spoiler: lots of rappers)


The first name on our fabulous list is rapper Fabolous (see what we did there?). We don’t exactly know when they started dating and how they ended their relationship, but their relationship goes way back to early 2000s when Mena was not as famous and the “You be killin em” hitmaker was still a hit maker. Currently, Fabolous is in a relationship with stylist Emily Bustamante, and Erica has moved on to a lot of other people.

Caption: Erica Mena starring in the music Video performed by Fabolous released in 2004.

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DJ Envy:

Next up is Raashaun Casey, aka DJ Envy, a DJ and a radio show host. There is no information regarding the beginning and the ending of their relationship, but it is a known fact that the two dated for a while in the early 2000s. Currently, DJ Envy is married to the host of Breakfast Club, Gia Casey.

Caption: Erica Mena and DJ Envy.

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The third name on our list is yet another rapper, the one-half of the Mobb Deep duo, Havoc. Again no information regarding their dating history, but Mena somewhat denies that she ever had any sexual involvement with the rapper and his crewmate.

Caption: Erica Mena and rapper Havoc apparently dated.

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Scott Storch:

Erica and Scott dated for some time around 2005-2006. The reason behind the split is unknown. Currently, Scott is single, but he has two children.

Caption: Erica Mena with producer Scott Storch.


Rich Dollaz:

Erica and Richard Trowers, aka Rich Dollaz, CEO of the Dollaz Unlimited, a management company. The couple dated back in 2012-2013.

Caption: Erica Mena with rapper, businessman Rich Dollaz.


Cyn Santana:

Erica dating Cyn confirmed that Erica was bisexual after all. Erica and Cya started dating back in 2013. They had an excellent relationship together. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in 2014. But Erica still has a love for Cyn and isn’t afraid to show it. Cyn is currently linked with rapper Joe Budden.

Caption: Erica Mena with girlfriend Cya Santana.


Chinx Drugz:

Erica dated yet another rapper Lionel Pickens aka Chinx Drugz. They dated back in 2013. Since then the rapper had been linked to Patricia Muratovic and Malika. The rapper was sadly killed in a drive-by shooting in Brooklyn.

Caption: Erica Mena with rapper Chinx Drugz.


Bow Wow:

The most famous relationship Erica ever had was with rapper Bow Wow aka Shad Moss. The two started dating back in 2014. They dated for six months before getting engaged on 22 September 2014. The couple had a bitter breakup in 2014.

Caption: Erica Mena with ex-fiance, rapper Bow Wow.



Her latest fling is yet another rapper, but this time, it’s a female rapper. And she is none other than the evil bi**h of hip-hop, Trina. It might be just rumors or reality, but they were seen snuggling together and even shared a photo together.

Caption: Erica Mena saw getting cozy with rapper Trina.


Raul Conde:

Raul is apparently the father of Erica’s only son King. And the relationship between these two is not very pleasant. Erica beat up Raul, an affiliate of rapper Fat Joe back in 2011.

Caption: Love and Hip-hop Ney York star Erica Mena seen beating up her baby daddy Raul Conde on the street

Bow Wow And Erica Mena In Feud As Both Exes Call Each Other Out

Rapper/Ex Shad Gregory Moss AKA Bow Wow and Erica Mena are going at each other throats while both of them show how unpleasant they are with the aftermaths of their relationship. In an interview with Global Grind Mena took her chance to throw some shade at Bow Wow when Bow Wow insisted that he would not be voting in the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election as he identified himself as 'Mixed' rather than Black. Mena took a mean shot at the rapper saying,

“To his defense, black guys are packing, So, I get why he’s saying he’s not black.”

Caption: Erica Mena insults' Bow Wow's race

Infuriated, Moss took it to social media where he lashed out on Mena in explicit language stating,

I know she hurting inside. She posed to be here w me. I see through all that. My name was tatted on her cooch. This was my wife! We all act out when we mad. She loved this dick soo much she put my name on it. Read thru and see thru the nonsense.”

and further added,

We broke up ‘cause I left. I left because, it’s no secret, I’ve been through a lot in my life. Everyone has a different way of healing and dealing with things. I didn’t know how to mend those broken issues that I had from my past. It’s kind of hard being with someone who is more damaged than you are.


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While both the concerned parties were mad at each other, Bow Wow apologized for his actions and further explained himself on his Instagram. Props to him for being mature.


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Born on November 8, 1987, in the Bronx, New York, Erica Mena is a television personality who is famous as a cast member of VH1’s Love and Hip-hop. She is an urban model, a singer and has also starred in a few music videos. She belongs to Puerto Rican and Dominican Ethnicity.