White Ethnicity TV Personality Melissa Grelo: Married to Her Husband in 2008, Had Problem Getting Pregnant?

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White Ethnicity TV Personality Melissa Grelo: Married to Her Husband in 2008, Had Problem Getting Pregnant?

Pregnancy is the happiest feeling to most of the women out there. There is rarely few female who wouldn’t love to conceive. Unlike those women, the moderator of “The Social,” Melissa Grelo struggled infertility to have a baby.

No doubt, being a mother is a greatest gift and happiness to a woman. Being pregnant is seeing yourself change physically and mentally in the process of giving birth to young ones. In this process, the mother to be will obviously face difficulties and pain, but it fades away with the happiest time when she gives birth to a baby.

The Canadian television personality, Melissa is also living in bliss with her baby and husband leaving behind the memories of struggles that she had. Today, we will be illuminating Melissa’s love life and her struggle during pregnancy.

Married to a Person, She Loved!

Melissa is married to her boyfriend, Ryan Gaggi. They tied the knot in Sept. 2008, and the wedding took place in Ryan Gaggie's hometown, Woodbridge. For a honeymoon, the newly married couple traveled to Egypt, Greece, and Turkey. Her husband Ryan is the owner of construction business Alpha Con Inc.

Caption: Actress with white ethnicity Melissa Grelo married her boyfriend Ryan Gaggi in September 2008 in Ryan Gaggi’s hometown, Woodbridge.

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Ryan proposed for a wedding to Melissa when they were having dinner together at Melissa’s place. After a long reporter shift, Melisa was tired and also had a headache, so she changed into her most comfortable and ugliest pajamas.

After having a great dinner, Ryan went to the bathroom and appeared to her a few minutes later placing his hands on her shoulder. That was the time when Melissa heard Ryan reciting something beautiful. She couldn’t control her emotions when Ryan asked her for marriage.

How Did They Meet?

The co-host of CP24 Breakfast, Melissa has a very interesting love story. She admits that she felt no connection when she first met her husband Ryan Gaggi but the first date with him was very romantic.

In an interview with Post City Magazine in June 2012, Melissa revealed how she met her husband. They were first introduced by one of their mutual friends. Melissa said that they had a very good conversation where she shared Ryan her phone number.

After meeting Ryan for more than a year and a half, Melissa again met him at a nightclub. After three or four days, they had their first date.


Happy birthday to this man... Husband, partner, friend, father and all around, good human being. I ?? you.

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Struggles Getting Pregnant:

When Melisa and her husband were ready to start a family, they struggled with infertility issues. Today, Melissa, a television personality who earns a wonderful salary and makes a wonderful net worth of is a proud mother who shares her story to aware couples who are struggling to conceive.

However, her net worth is net revealed yet. After six years of marriage, Melisa finally gave birth to a baby girl named “Marquesa.” The couple tried to conceive for more than two and half years and also visited two fertility clinics. They went through many tests just to make sure that they were healthy. Six months after stopping visiting clinics and reassign the journey, Melissa got pregnant.

At Toronto’s Mount Sinai hospital, Melissa gave birth to her daughter Marquesa Gaggi after 10 hours of labor. Baby girl arrived weighing 5 lbs., 9 oz.