What's That! Fashion Expert Jeannie Mai And Her Husband Have A Different View About Having Kids!

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What's That! Fashion Expert Jeannie Mai And Her Husband Have A Different View About Having Kids!

Cute small eyes with the adorable Asian look, also with her different bold style, Jeannie Mai has landed on the hearts of many. This fashion expert is in her late 30s, and she always has been very open about her personal life. When it comes to having kids, she has got her perception, which is astonishing. Let’s find out her plans for to have children?

Mai talks About her views on Having a Kid:

After a decade of marriage, fashion expert Jeannie Mai mentioned, what she and her husband, Freddy Harteis think about having children.

American Hostess with her out-spoken nature, Jeannie Mai, has always surprised with her plain view on various topics. When it comes to a very subject of kids, she has a jaw-dropping opinion.

On ‘The Real Show,' which got aired on October 2014, Jeannie talked about the unspoken things which many of women might feel but never came out openly. She said that she doesn’t want to have a kid, as with big decision, one should make more significant responsibilities, and sacrifices.

Caption: Jeannie shared her feeling on not having a kid (2014).

She shared how her husband, Freddy Harteis and she decided not having a kid, at the very beginning of their married life. But after seven years, her husband wished to have a kid but could not be expressive to Mai as she doesn't wish to have children, not now. 

Well! In everyone’s married life there’s a phase when they want to have a kid. What might be the reason that Mai does not want to have a kid?

Later, in May 2016 in an episode of ‘The Real Show,' this bold lady expressed her backup plan for children.

Caption: Jeannie not pregnant, sharing her backup plan for the kid (2016).

On that episode of 'The Real,' Jeannie clearly stated,

” I know I am not getting any younger and I know if I was going to have kids, I should decide now, today, 5 minutes ago.”

She mentioned,

” I have decided I am going to start thinking about freezing my eggs.”

This Fashion diva is in her late 30s and might be considering the fact for having children so that she doesn’t want to regret later in her life. That might be the reason; she has got plans. If shortly, she wants to get pregnant, she will at least have an option for that.

Her fans and followers reacted that distinct view by tweeting.

Another post of her companion says,

We wish her luck for her plans in regards to having the kid. May, she will make right on a real time, as she has been doing in her career.

Shamed For Not Wanting To Have Kids

When Mai announced her plans of not having kids anytime soon, a lot of the public media and fans spoke against her decision but many believed these complaints would alleviate over time. Contrary to these beliefs, they got even worse and have almost reached the levels of public shaming. 

The hostess talked about how she gets shamed for not wanting to have kids, especially in Churches which she visits religiously. She explained her situation stating,

I've even had people like at church, which is why sometimes it throws me off from church, but they lay hands and they'll pray for me that I'll want that. [They] lay hands like 'God you're going to put that moment in Jeannie where she will be an amazing mother. Let her know, let her feel that.'

She also defended her beliefs and how these prayers made her felt very uncomfortable saying,

"I'm the one that deserves to have that moment, not everybody else. Stop baby shaming people to make us feel like there's something wrong with us if we don't want children. That is my time to decide, that is my conversation with God. I am not a wrong person or less of a woman because I haven't yet had that feeling or may never have that feeling."

Jeannie takes inspiration from Oprah Winfrey, a fellow Christian who also didn't plan on having kids and thanked her personally dedicating these words to her,

"I thank you, Oprah, because you're speaking up for women like me who are doing as much as I can to care for other people, to nurture other people, to have organizations like I do. I want to save the world from human trafficking one survivor at a time. I'm doing that on my own and that's enough for me."

Props to her for sticking her beliefs, no person should be forced to bow down to other's ideas and opinions in these contemporary times, especially religious ones.

Know more about Mia’s life:

She is the first offspring of Vietnamese immigrant father and Chinese mother. This actress with mixed ethnicity, without any relationship rumors she got married to the host of ‘The Hollywood Hunter.', Freddy Harteis. Their wedding took place on August 11, 2007. Since then, the two are having a great marriage life.

Caption: Cute chemistry of Jeannie Mai and Freddy Harteis (2011).

Photo Credit: zimbio.com

Mia frequently shares cute pictures of her with her husband. We can clearly see the beautiful chemistry of the two. From the pictures itself, we can figure out the happy marital life of Mia.

Opps! Nevertheless, we love Mai. It is really fun to see the Real show host’s real life posts on the networking sites, isn’t it?

Mia's Net Worth:

The confident, stylish lady started her career at the age of 18. She worked as make artist for MAC cosmetics. She also used to work for famous faces like Alicia Keys, Jennifer Aniston, Christina Aguilera, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelly Osborne and Rosario Dawson. 

In 2009, she took over as a host of style’s network; stylish fashion makeover shows ‘How Do I Look?’ which gave her more popularity among an audience. She got featured in many TV shows like: ‘The Today show,' NBC’s ‘Extra,' E!’ The Daily 10, as a fashion expert. She also hosted Miss Universe on 2011.

On 2013, she got another break after ‘How do I Look?’ that is her appearance as co-host in a talk show ‘The Real’ which brought the out-spoken nature of her among her fans. Her work as talk show host, fashion expertise, American hostess made impressive net worth of $1 million.

She is also involved in many volunteering works to inspire, empower and educate the woman. For that, she also coined ‘Wearapy’ on 2016 which defines as how one can overshadow their mood from outside through the style that you put on.

This bold and creative actress who is an expert in her arena of fashion is doing great in every sector that she stepped on. We wish her immense success.