Happily Married to a Former Baseball Player Husband, Nicole Zaloumis is Blessed With 2 Sons: Her Work-Life Balance

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Happily Married to a Former Baseball Player Husband, Nicole Zaloumis is Blessed With 2 Sons: Her Work-Life Balance

Handling a family is itself a complicated thing, and it gets more confusing if you are working women. However, things become easier if you have a husband who supports and help you in every responsibility. In this regard, today we are talking about a sports anchor, who is efficiently caring out her maternal and professional duties due to her supportive husband.

Do You Know Who She is?

Yes, we are talking about the beautiful family woman, Nicole Zaloumis. Nicole is married to a former baseball player, Mike Jones. Mike used to be her longtime boyfriend before the marriage. The couple is blessed with two sons.  She gave birth to the elder son, Michael Jr in September 2009. Michael is now 6 years old while his younger brother is 4 years old.

Husband of Nicole, Mike got retired from his baseball career in 2011 when Michael Jr was still a toddler. The retirement gave him an opportunity to stay close to Nicole and children. Mike and Nicole both are responsible parents with their eyes always on their children. The couple stays close to kids and takes children to different places for visit. We have brought pictures from Nicole Instagram where she is seen enjoying with the kids.


From my family to yours, wishing you a Happy Easter!

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Letting loose at the lake with my boys! #Skaneateles #familyfarm #vacation

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Nicole has a small and happy family. Although she does not talk much about her personal life in media, her social media updates assure us about her healthy relationship with husband and children. Well, we can say there is a low chance of divorce between the couple.

The Duo’s Valentine:

Nicole and Mike do not believe that there needs to be a special day for them to express their love. Nicole thinks that the love should be expressed every day. She told about Valentine’s Day in an interview with web magazine The Da Show,

“It’s like, if you don’t get your significant other something, you fail. And if you do, then you just kind of buy into the media hype that represents Valentine’s day. So to me, you have to cover the bases when it comes to Valentine’s Day, but I’d prefer romance on any other day just because I don’t like being forced into (it) if that makes sense.”

Her Work-Life Balance: Married Life, Husband, and Children

Nicole has always been a working woman. It’s was tough for her to juggle between the work and family when the children were young. She had an overnight shift duty in NFL network. She had to start working from about 3 Am for the program that aired on 6 Am.  However, she managed both profession and family with the help of her loving husband.

Nicole Zaloumis Short Bio:

Born on January 17, 1980, Nicole Zaloumis was raised in Danville, California. She completed her graduation from the University of San Francisco in 2003. She currently works as a host for SiriusXM’s B/R spotlight on Bleacher Report Radio. She was previously the host of NFL Network’s weekday morning show NFL AM. On August 14, 2014, edition of Fox Sports Live on Fox Sports 1, she appeared as a guest host.