Joanna Gaines, Dazzling Married Life With Husband: Announced Second Annual Magnolia Silobration

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Joanna Gaines, Dazzling Married Life With Husband: Announced Second Annual Magnolia Silobration

It is evident that lots of couples have grabbed success by the love and support of their partner. Likewise, today we are here with the story of a couple who reached the peak in career due to each other’s help and affection.


Oh me oh my. Chip getting ready to work the stage at our Magnolia employee Christmas party. #imscared

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The Maglonia homes owners Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines married in 2003. During the time Joanna had a local boutique and her husband, Chip used to work in the real state through buying, renovating and selling homes to the Baylor market.

But now the success of couple has flared in every profession. They are the owner of Construction Company, bakery, television personalities, authors and lovely parents.

How the Maglonia Market opened??

In 2003, after the wedding, they merged their skills and opened their own company named Maglonia homes. The company offers home construction and renovation with a heavy emphasis on quality and unique design.

They also have a company called Maglonia Realty to offer real estate services in the Central Texas.  Similarly, Joanna owns a boutique on Bosque Blvd which provides the Magnolia style through the online store to those who are beyond Waco market.

Caption: The moment when they started Magnolia market

They own a television program

Joanna and Chip along with expanding the brand are running their own program named “Fixer Upper” from HGTV. The program first aired in May 2013. The season has already completed three seasons till now.

In the program, the participant chooses one house among the three Gaines shows them, and after they choose the house, Joanna and Chip renovates the house.

Celebrating Second Annual Silobrtion of Maglonia (Married Life and Husband)

The couple celebrated the grand opening of Maglonia silo, a bakery on November 10, 2015. And now they are in the process to celebrate the second annual silobration of Maglonia market from October 6 to 8.

Publishing Book in October

Joanna and Chip are also publishing a book named Maglonia story where they have shared all the life experiences from marriage to business. The couple is releasing their first book on October 18, 2016.

The Duo Early Life:

Chip and Joanna both went to Baylor University, but they didn’t know each other until Joanna started working in the auto shop’s office. But our lover boy, the chip had previously seen Joanna in the family picture in a shop and thought she is the one. He shared this funny moment with popsugar.

"Her dad made the mistake of putting a pic of the family behind the counter at his shop,"

Blessed With Four Children:

The couple has four children now; two daughters named Ella and Emmie and two sons named Drake and Duke. Joanna and her boyfriend turned husband; Chip has a happy family of six.

Born of mixed ethnicity from half Lebanese father and depressed Korean mother, Joanna Gaines is 38 years old. According to Finance buzz, Joanna shares a net worth of about $1.5 million with her husband.