Jonathan Bailey Is Not Gay! Married to Girlfriend With a Family to Envy

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Jonathan Bailey Is Not Gay! Married to Girlfriend With a Family to Envy

Life of an actor can be very different from what they usually portray on the big screen. However, people often make an assumption about one based on their role on-screen. It can be very misleading.

The same was the case with the British actor Jonathan Bailey who was a part of the incredibly admirable gay-themed play, Certain Young Men. The actor's exceptional acting on the play convinced the audience that he is gay in real life, too.

But we are here to clear that out. Take a look!

Jonathan Bailey Wants To Humanise Gay History

There used to be a time where being gay was considered very inappropriate by the society. But now, in the 21st century, people are more open and accepting of the whole concept and the LGBTQ community. 

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The actor Jonathan Bailey was a part of the most influential gay play Certain Young Men back in 1999. Because of his convincing portrayal of gay characters in the screen, people assumed him to be one in real life. Not just that, he has also enacted gay roles for broadways too.

Further, he also played Jamie who is one of the two gay characters in the 2006 stage adaptation of Beautiful Thing.

His portrayal of John--a theatre director who falls in love with another man, in the 2018 Broadway revival of The York Realist, is considered to be one of his best roles till date. The show which was held for the 50th Anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Covent Garden, Jonathon spoke of his upcoming plans,

“I want to find stories that humanise homosexual experience and that’s what Peter Gill does well. The richness comes from the detail about family and relationships and identity of where you live.” 

An eloquent talker, Jonathan is a constant supporter of gay rights and speaks about humanizing the gay community. In his beliefs, the gay community has suffered for a long time and now is the time to step up for them, for their rights and for their freedom of expression.

Despite all these, he has never revealed about his sexuality and despite all those claims about him being a closeted gay, a quick glance at Instagram suggests otherwise. 

Is Jonathan Dating? Girlfriend? 

The blonde hunk, with a pair of deep blue eyes and blonde hair and a cute smile to match, has looks to kill. Supplemented by his toned down body, the actor is one of the most desirable actors out today in Hollywood.

However, despite all those qualities to make a girl swoon, he has never caught headlines because of his romantic affairs. The handsome hunk though seems to finally warming to the idea of getting himself a partner as a mysterious girl makes frequent appearances in his Insta feed. 

The British actor and his alleged girlfriend, who is yet to be identified, constantly pop on each others' Instagram wall, whether that be a casual day spent watching tennis or spending time on a farm.

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Jonathan Bailey with his alleged girlfriend attend a tennis match in June 2017(Photo: Jonathan Bailey's Instagram)

Moreover, the BroadChurch actor posted a cute photo of his mysterious partner, holding his niece on her lap and labeled him as uncle and his partner as a manic aunt. Seems like the actor has finally found his lady luck and may soon get married!

From Singing Sister Sledge To Hollywood  

The aspiring actor paved his way into the entertainment industry even though his family did not come from that background. The actor also revealed that he would have considered becoming a pilot if it had not been for acting. He believes his three sisters to be the biggest influencers in his acting career.

"I have three older sisters who definitely encouraged me to lark around. I’m pretty sure they spent their Sundays dressing me up (in suitably androgynous clothing) and forcing me to sing Sister Sledge. They were my heroes growing up!"

Some of his applaudable works include Broadchurch (2013), W1A (2014), and Doctor Who (2005). When asked about his plans and roles he would like to take, Jonathan disclosed,

"Tricky. I'm more definite about certain directors and theatres that I'd love to work for but I would be excited for a meaty classical text and a musical. I've recently been introduced to the Book of Mormon soundtrack and can't get enough. That'd be a sweet gig."

We are pretty sure the actor will reach a new height of success in the future given his acting skills and dedication.