Kandee Johnson And Her Tumbling Life With Irresponsible Husband; Finally Happy After Being Engaged To Boyfriend?

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Kandee Johnson And Her Tumbling Life With Irresponsible Husband; Finally Happy After Being Engaged To Boyfriend?

Some marriages are meant to last lifelong, and some are expected to end within a very short period. While there are many people who get thrilled and frustrated with the failed marriage, there are some, who finds a new reason to live their life.

The sensationally gorgeous and talented Kandee Johnson is one of those persons who has gone through broken marriage. Married twice, Kandee can make you believe that unsuccessful marriage is not so horrifying.

Kandee Johnson’s Tumbling Life With Irresponsible Husband: 

YouTuber Kandee Johnson, who is best for her flawless makeup tutorials, is a single mother of her four kids. Kandee has talked about her tumbling marriages on her personal blog and also has stated how she felt her dream was over. She has revealed that she is married twice and had her first child at the age of eighteen. However, Kandee hasn’t revealed the names of her ex-husbands.

Talking about her first marriage on her blog, she wrote-

“I dreamed of being an actress or fashion designer. I get married at 17 find out I'm pregnant right before I turn 18....everyone tells me my future is over, now I'll never work in the movie biz!I spend 2 years just taking care of my baby, but I'm in a verbally abusive and controlling marriage.”

Later, she returned to her home with her son. She has also confessed how hard it was for her to raise her son, work and pay his daycare expenses. Likewise, she talked about her second marriage where she said-

“I meet a guy...we get married, I'm pregnant again. (Now I really think things are over.) I work on photoshoots and tv shows doing make-up, all the way until I'm 8 months pregnant, and get offered to travel with the tv show, but I can't because I was due with my baby girl!”

“This marriage is not good either, we hardly knew each other when we got married.”

“Right when we are talking about getting divorced....I find out I'm pregnant again! Oh brother! Now I'm really done with!!I had a photo shoot for VANS shoes when my son was 10 weeks old...”

Kandee has four kids; Jordan Johnson, Alani Johnson, Blake Johnson and Ellie Johnson. She rarely shows the faces of Alani and Blake as her ex-husband has requested her not to show their faces anywhere before their custody. But in January 2011, Kandee shared a video titled “Kandee's Baby Labor & Meet Baby!” on YouTube where she introduces Ellie to us.

Caption: Kandee talks about baby Labor where she introduced us her fourth child Ellie in January 2011. 

Happily Engaged To Boyfriend: 

It seems that Kandee’s failed marriages have now led her to another relationship which has a lot of happiness. She is now engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Michael Castro on Sep 13, 2015. Michael, who is also a YouTuber has posted a video on his vlog where one can see how he proposed the woman of his dreams.

Caption: Kandee Johnson being proposed by her boyfriend on Sep 13, 2015. 

Recently, Michael shared an image with Kandee on his Instagram where he introduces her as his fiancée. He also reveals how he met her in the caption.


I met this smoking hot firecracker of a woman briefly one time. A few weeks later she was asking people to tweet her questions for a new video...so I tweeted her "can I take you out to dinner? #askkandee" (romantic). She said yes (nice!) but she lived across the country (noooo). We started texting (every 5 seconds) and few weeks later she happened to be working at a festival near me. I drove down to spend the day with her between filming sessions. Somehow I ended up with my shirt off (classic), and now this is a pic of our (sort of) first date! Now she is my fiancé (hot) and I couldn't imagine ever going one day without her. Happy Valentine's Day to my forever smoking hot firecracker of a woman @kandeejohnson ?????????? I am missing and loving you every second allll the way from Paris! P.S. I got you a very nice surprise today to make up for being gone on Valentine's Day ????(smart fiancé)

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Undoubtedly, Kandee is enjoying a romantic relationship with Michael. Don’t you think that her love life is an inspiration to the people who believes that they can’t fall in love again after a failed marriage? We hope Kandee gets married soon to her love Michael and releases her wedding video on her vlog soon.