Why Did Kaynette Williams Divorce Her Singer Husband, Blake Shelton? Who is Her Boyfriend Now?

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Why Did Kaynette Williams Divorce Her Singer Husband, Blake Shelton? Who is Her Boyfriend Now?

We all recognize the singer of “Came here to forget,” Blake Shelton, don’t we?  However, very few of us remember about his first marriage and wife. Here, today we are talking about Blake’s first wife, Kaynette Williams, their marriage and her current whereabouts.

Her Married Life and Divorce with Blake Shelton:

Kaynette Williams and ex-husband Blake Shelton married on 17 November 2003. The couple met during their high school and dated for a long time before marriage. The couple shared an immense love before and in the early years of their wedding. 

Blake confessed his love with Country Weekly in December 2003 that Kaynette has such aura which doesn’t let him deviate. He said,

"I knew Kaynette was the one just because I can't explain it. I can't say it's because we get along or because of the way she looks. It's just something I feel — you know what I mean? It's nothing more than just knowing you're right."

Some of the fans of the couple posted the picture of both of them to their Twitter to show a sweet gesture to the couple.

However, this love of Blake towards Kaynette couldn’t prolong for a long time. In 2006, Blake started falling for Miranda Lambert, his present wife, after doing a concert together.  And in 2006, Kaynette slammed him a divorce case on the charge of “inappropriate marital misconduct.”

Caption: Kaynette Williams and ex-husband Blake Shelton at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in 2004.

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The divorce was painful for them both as Blake had recently faced his brother’s death and Kaynette separated from the beloved.  However, Blake and Kaynette separated and made each other free from the relation.

As we said earlier, in 2005, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert sang “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” together for a CMT special. Blake lost his heart for Miranda on the stage while they were singing a duet. Blake shared about that bizarre incident of falling for a lady when he was still married to Entertainment Weekly in 2011. He said,

 I was a married guy, you know? Standing up there and singing with somebody and going, ‘Man, this shouldn’t be happening.’ Looking back on that, I was falling in love with her, right there on stage.”

Well, both the couple looked deeply in love with each other and were seen on every event together and posing for the cameras.

Caption: Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert in the CMAs Awards in Nashville in November 2014.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Blake and Miranda dated for six years and got married in 2011. However, the relation with Miranda also couldn't work for Blake as Miranda refused his desire of having a family. Yes, Miranda denied to conceive a baby with Blake, and that eventually dragged the couple towards divorce in 2015.

Where is Kaynette Williams Now? Is she Married?

After her divorce with Blake, Kaynette has almost vanished from the media and limelight. She probably was looking for a more peaceful and calm place to solace the pain of separation.

According to her interview in National Enquirer in 2011, Kaynette moved to Oklahoma from Tennessee after the divorce. However, Miranda and Blake also moved to Oklahoma which made difficult for her to stay in the same city. She said, 

 "After Blake and I split up, I moved from Tennessee back to Oklahoma. But then Blake and Miranda moved back there to a neighboring town, and it just felt like Oklahoma wasn’t big enough for all of us.”

Currently, Kaynette is residing in Great Bend as a math facilitator in Kansas elementary school. She has been reportedly dating and living together with rodeo champion, Cody Joe Scheck.  According to reports, Kaynette and her boyfriend are happy like never before these days.

Has Blake Shelton Moved Already On? Currently Dating Gwen Stefani?

Yes, folks that's right, Blake has finally taken steps to move on and has revealed his relationship with singer Gwen Stefani. The two met as judges for the hit Music talent show The Voice and the two seem to hit it outside of work too.

The couple has been spotted together, kissing and enjoying each other's company at multiple venues and events. The two attended Billboard Music Awards 2017 where Blake was awarded as the Top Country Artist. After having his name called, Blake leaned in to kiss Gwen and even gave her a little shout out for his speech. 

Caption: Blake Shelton kisses girlfriend, Gwen Stefani after being awarded the Top Country Artist, 2017 at the Billboard 2017 Music Awards

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The couple was also spotted together on a date at Cecconi’s, Los Angeles. The couple were spotted being very lovely with each other and even kissed each other, while almost showing off.

Caption: Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton show off their love

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Blake is also heavily featured on Gwen's Instagram, and it seems he enjoys his life with her.

It's great to see both Kaynette and Blake happy after their divorce, both accepting what their life is now, without each other.